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    • Functional screening of Alzheimer risk loci identifies PTK2B as an in vivo modulator and early marker of Tau pathology 

      Dourlen P; Fernandez-Gomez FJ; Dupont C; Grenier-Boley B; Bellenguez C; Obriot H; Caillierez R; Sottejeau Y; Chapuis J; Bretteville A; Abdelfettah F; Delay C; Malmanche N; Soininen H; Hiltunen M; Galas MC; Amouyel P; Sergeant N; Buée L; Lambert JC; Dermaut B (Springer Nature, 2016)
      A recent genome-wide association meta-analysis for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) identified 19 risk loci (in addition to APOE) in which the functional genes are unknown. Using Drosophila, we screened 296 constructs targeting ...