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    • Structural brain abnormalities in the common epilepsies assessed in a worldwide ENIGMA study 

      Whelan, CD; Altmann, A; Botía, JA; Jahanshad, N; Hibar, DP; Absil, J; Alhusaini, S; Alvim, MKM; Auvinen, P; Bartolini, E; Bergo, FPG; Bernardes, T; Blackmon, K; Braga, B; Caligiuri, ME; Calvo, A; Carr, SJ; Chen, J; Chen, S; Cherubini, A; et al [Incl. Kälviäinen, R] (Oxford University Press (OUP)Britannia, 2018)
      Progressive functional decline in the epilepsies is largely unexplained. We formed the ENIGMA-Epilepsy consortium to understand factors that influence brain measures in epilepsy, pooling data from 24 research centres in ...