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    • Environmental and taxonomic controls of carbon and oxygen stable isotope composition in Sphagnum across broad climatic and geographic ranges 

      Granath, G; Rydin, H; Baltzer, JL; Bengtsson, F; Boncek, N; Bragazza, L; Bu, ZJ; Caporn, SJM; Dorrepaal, E; Galanina, O; Galka, M; Ganeva, A; Gillikin, DP; Goia, I; Goncharova, N; Hajek, M; Haraguchi, A; Harris, LI; Humphreys, E; Jirousek, M et al [Incl. Tuittila, E-S] (Copernicus GmbH, 2018)
      Rain-fed peatlands are dominated by peat mosses (Sphagnum sp.), which for their growth depend on nutrients, water and CO2 uptake from the atmosphere. As the isotopic composition of carbon (12,13C) and oxygen (16,18O) of ...
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