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    • Indicative distribution maps for Ecological Functional Groups - Level 3 of IUCN Global Ecosystem Typology 

      Keith, David A.,University of New South Wales; Ferrer-Paris, Jose R.,University of New South Wales; Nicholson, Emily,Deakin University; Bishop, Melanie J.,Macquarie University; Polidoro, Beth A.,Arizona State University; Ramirez-Llodra, Eva,Norwegian Institute for Water Research; Tozer, Mark G.,NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment; Nel, Jeanne L.,Nelson Mandela University; Mac Nally, Ralph,University of Canberra; Gregr, Edward J.,University of British Columbia; Watermeyer, Kate E.,Deakin University; Essl, Franz,University of Vienna; Faber-Langendoen, Don,NatureServe; Franklin, Janet,University of California; Lehmann, Caroline E. R.,University of Edinburgh; Etter, Andres,Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; Roux, Dirk J.,South African National Parks; Stark, Jonathan S.,Australian Antarctic Division; Rowland, Jessica A.,Deakin University; Brummitt, Neil A.,Natural History Museum, London; Fernandez-Arcaya, Ulla C.,Instituto Español de Oceanografía; Suthers, Iain M.,University of New South Wales; Wiser, Susan K.,Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research; Donohue, Ian,Trinity College Dublin; Jackson, Leland J.,University of Calgary; Pennington, R. Toby,University of Exeter; Pettorelli, Nathalie,Zoological Society of London; Andrade, Angela,Conservation International Colombia; Lindgaard, Arild,Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre; Tahvanainen, Teemu,University of Eastern Finland; Terauds, Aleks,Australian Antarctic Division; Venter, Oscar,University of Northern British Columbia; Watson, James E. M.,Wildlife Conservation Society; Chadwick, Michael A.,King's College London; Murray, Nicholas J.,James Cook University; Moat, Justin,Royal Botanic Gardens Kew; Pliscoff, Patricio,Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile; Zager, Irene,Provita; Kingsford, Richard T.,University of New South Wales (2019-11-19)
      This dataset includes indicative distribution maps and profiles for Ecological Functional Groups - Level 3 of IUCN Global Ecosystem Typology (v1.0). Please refer to Keith et al. (submitted). -- THIS DATASET IS IN DEVELOPMENT, ...