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    • Combination of optical coherence tomography and near infrared spectroscopy enhances determination of articular cartilage composition and structure 

      Sarin Jaakko K; Rieppo Lassi; Brommer Harold; Afara Isaac O; Saarakkala Simo; Töyräs Juha (Springer Nature, 2017)
      Conventional arthroscopic evaluation of articular cartilage is subjective and poorly reproducible. Therefore, implementation of quantitative diagnostic techniques, such as near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and optical ...

    • Effects of Articular Cartilage Constituents on Phosphotungstic Acid Enhanced Micro-Computed Tomography 

      Karhula Sakari S; Finnilä Mikko A; Lammi Mikko J; Ylärinne Janne H; Kauppinen Sami; Rieppo Lassi; Pritzker Kenneth P H; Nieminen Heikki J; Saarakkala Simo (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2017)
      Contrast-enhanced micro-computed tomography (CEμCT) with phosphotungstic acid (PTA) has shown potential for detecting collagen distribution of articular cartilage. However, the selectivity of the PTA staining to articular ...

    • Laser-ultrasonic delivery of agents into articular cartilage 

      Nieminen Heikki J; Barreto Goncalo; Finnila Mikko A; Garcia-Perez Alejandro; Salmi Ari; Ranjan Sanjeev; Eklund Kari K; Pritzker Kenneth P H; Saarakkala Simo; Haeggstrom Edward (Springer Nature, 2017)
      Research is ongoing to develop drug therapies to manage osteoarthritis (OA) and articular cartilage (AC) injuries. However, means to deliver drug to localized AC lesions are highly limited and not clinically available. ...

    • Micro-Scale Distribution of CA4+ in Ex vivo Human Articular Cartilage Detected with Contrast-Enhanced Micro-Computed Tomography Imaging 

      Karhula Sakari S; Finnilä Mikko A; Freedman Jonathan D; Kauppinen Sami; Valkealahti Maarit; Lehenkari Petri; Pritzker Kenneth P H; Nieminen Heikki J; Snyder Brian D; Grinstaff Mark W; Saarakkala Simo (Frontiers Media SA, 2017)
      Contrast-enhanced micro-computed tomography (CEμCT) with cationic and anionic contrast agents reveals glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content and distribution in articular cartilage (AC). The advantage of using cationic stains ...

    • Multimodality scoring of chondral injuries in the equine fetlock joint ex vivo 

      Sarin Jaakko Kalevi; Brommer Harold; Argüelles David; Puhakka Pia Henriikka; Inkinen Satu Irene; Afara Isaac Oluwaseun; Saarakkala Simo; Töyräs Juha (2017)
      Objective We investigate the potential of a prototype multimodality arthroscope, combining ultrasound, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and arthroscopic indentation device, for assessing cartilage lesions, and compare ...