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    • Characterization of lactic acid bacteria recovered from atole agrio, a traditional Mexican fermented beverage 

      Väkeväinen Kati; Valderrama Anita; Espinosa Judith; Centurión Dora; Rizo Jocelin; Reyes-Duarte Dolores; Díaz-Ruiz Gloria; von Wright Atte; Elizaquível Patricia; Esquivel Karina; Simontaival Anna-Inkeri; Aznar Rosa; Wacher Carmen; Plumed-Ferrer Carme (Elsevier BV, 2017)
      Our aim was to identify and characterize the lactic acid bacteria (LAB) of atole agrio, a fermented Mexican maize-based beverage and to evaluate whether starters could be obtained to produce it under controlled conditions. ...