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    • Data from: Distribution and functionality of copy number variation across European cattle populations 

      Upadhyay, Maulik (Wageningen University & Research); da Silva, Vinicius H. (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences); Megens, Hendrik-Jan (Wageningen University & Research); Visker, Marleen H. P. W. (Wageningen University & Research); Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart); Bâlteanu, Valentin A. (University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca); Dunner, Susana (Complutense University of Madrid); Garcia, Jose Fernando (Sao Paulo State University); Ginja, Catarina (University of Porto); Kantanen, Juha (University of Eastern Finland); Groenen, Martien A.M. (); Crooijmans, Richard P.M.A. (); da Silva, Vinicus H. (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences); Groenen, Martien A. M. (Wageningen University & Research); Crooijmans, Richard P. M. A. (Wageningen University & Research) (2018)
      Copy number variation (CNV), which is characterized by large-scale losses or gains of DNA fragments, contributes significantly to genetic and phenotypic variation. Assessing CNV across different European cattle populations ...