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    • Biochar-Based Engineered Composites for Sorptive Decontamination of Water: A Review 

      Premarathna, KSD; Rajapaksha, Anushka Upamali; Sarkar, Binoy; Kwon, Eilhann E; Bhatnagar, Amit; Ok, Yong Sik; Vithanage, Meththika (Elsevier BV, 2019)
      Biochar (BC) exhibits a great potential as an adsorbent in decontamination of water. To improve the adsorption capabilities and impart the particular functionalities of BC, various methods (chemical modification, physical ...
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    • Food sources of energy and nutrients in Finnish girls and boys 6-8 years of age - the PANIC study 

      Eloranta Aino-Maija; Venäläinen Taisa; Soininen Sonja; Jalkanen Henna; Kiiskinen Sanna; Schwab Ursula; Lakka Timo A; Lindi Virpi (Informa UK Limited, 2016)
      Background: Data on food sources of nutrients are needed to improve strategies to enhance nutrient intake among girls and boys in Western countries. Objective: To identify major food sources of energy, energy ...

    • Inorganic mesoporous particles for controlled [alpha]-linolenic acid delivery to stimulate GLP-1 secretion in vitro 

      Kamakura, R; Kovalainen, M; Riikonen, J; Nissinen, T; Shere Raza, G; Walkowiak, J; Lehto, VP; Herzig, KH (Elsevier BV, 2019)
      Novel treatment methods for obesity are urgently needed due to the increasing global severity of the problem. Gastrointestinal hormones, such as GLP-1 and PYY, are secreted by the enteroendocrine cells, playing a critical ...
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