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    • Periodic orbits 1-5 of quadratic polynomials on a new coordinate plane 

      Kosunen, Pekka (Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, 2018)
      While iterating the quadratic polynomial fc(x) = x2 + c the degree of the iterates grows very rapidly, and therefore solving the equations corresponding to periodic orbits becomes very difficult even for periodic orbits ...
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    • Periodic orbits of quandratic polynomials of periods six and seven 

      Kosunen; Pekka (Academic Publications, 2018)
      The dynamics of quadratic polynomials is commonly studied by using the family of maps fc(x) = x2 + c, where c 2 C. In this paper we form equations of periodic orbits of periods six and seven on a new (u, v)-plane and ...
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