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    • Key criteria for developing ecosystem service indicators to inform decision making 

      van Oudenhoven, Alexander PE; Schröter, Matthias; Drakou, Evangelia G; Geijzendorffer, Ilse R; Jacobs, Sander; van Bodegom, Peter M; Chazee, Laurent; Czúcz, Bálint; Grunewald, Karsten; Lillebø, Ana I; Mononen, Laura; Nogueira, António JA; Pacheco-Romero, Manuel; Perennou, Christian; Remme, Roy P; Rova, Silvia; Syrbe, Ralf-Uwe; Tratalos, Jamie A; Vallejos, María; Albert, Christian (Elsevier BV, 2018)
      Decision makers are increasingly interested in information from ecosystem services (ES) assessments. Scientists have for long recognised the importance of selecting appropriate indicators. Yet, while the amount and variety ...
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