Self-archived versions of articles found from eRepo are freely available for anyone. Some of the articles are final draft versions and others are publishers' PDFs, depending on the original publisher. In some cases, the original publisher requires an embargo period, which means that the article will be available for download after the embargo period ends. Citations should always be made to the original published article. Read more


Self-archiving improves the visibility, availability and, first and foremost, the impact of research articles as they are made freely available to anyone, anywhere – without paywalls.

Interested in self-archiving your research article? Submit the final draft version (peer-reviewed, without publisher layout) as you report your new publication to the library or send it via e-mail to erepo at Read more

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    Artikkelit jotka ovat jo valmiiksi julkaistu open access lehdissä, varastoidaan tänne odottamaan rinnakkaistallennusta
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    Kokoelma aineiston automaattista siirtoa varten
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