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    • Magical expertise: An analysis of Finland’s national magician network 

      Rissanen, Olli; Palonen, Tuire; Hakkarainen, Kai (University of Lancaster, 2010)
      A social network analysis among 120 Finnish magicians was carried out through assessing several variables: individual attributes; magicians' competence (expertise), various interactions (mentoring, advice seeking, ...

    • Personal Social Networks and the Cultivation of Expertise in Magic: An Interview Study 

      Rissanen, Olli; Palonen, Tuire; Pitkänen, Petteri; Kuhn, Gustav; Hakkarainen, Kai (Springer Nature, 2013)
      The purpose of the present study was to examine expertise in magic by interviewing 16 prominent Finnish magicians who were identified earlier through a social network analysis of 120 Finnish magicians. A semi-structured ...