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    • Fabrication of buried nanostructures by atomic layer deposition 

      Ali, Rizwan; Saleem, Muhammad Rizwan; Roussey, Matthieu; Turunen, Jari; Honkanen, Seppo (Springer Nature America, Inc, 2018)
      We present a method for fabricating buried nanostructures by growing a dielectric cover layer on a corrugated surface profile by atomic layer deposition of TiO2. Selecting appropriate process parameters, the conformal ...
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    • Fabrication of Fiber Filters with Antibacterial Properties for VOC and Particle Removal 

      Juuti, Paxton; Nikka, Markus; Gunell, Marianne; Eerola, Erkki; Saarinen, Jarkko J; Omori, Youichi; Seto, Takafumi; Mäkelä, Jyrki M (Taiwan Association for Aerosol Research, 2019)
      The use of filters to control air quality has been implemented widely in all types of structures. Unfortunately, filters risk becoming platforms for the growth of bacteria, which can then be dispersed further in the air ...
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    • Fabrication of hybrid optical line generator by direct machining 

      Saastamoinen, Toni; Vayrynen, Juha; Mutanen, Jarkko; Tuovinen, Hemmo; Eronen, Anni; Monkkonen, Kari; Kuittinen, Markku (The Optical Society, 2018)
      In this study, a mold of a line generator consisting of a cylindrical lens array with a triangular diffractive grating was ultra-precision diamond machined with Moore 350FG 5-axis ultra-precision machine. The design and ...
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    • Fabrication of Porous Silicon Based Humidity Sensing Elements on Paper 

      Jalkanen, Tero; Määttänen, Anni; Mäkilä, Ermei; Tuura, Jaani; Kaasalainen, Martti; Lehto, Vesa-Pekka; Ihalainen, Petri; Peltonen, Jouko; Salonen, Jarno (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2015)
      A roll-to-roll compatible fabrication process of porous silicon (pSi) based sensing elements for a real-time humidity monitoring is described. The sensing elements, consisting of printed interdigitated silver electrodes ...

    • Fabrication of Transparent Icephobic Surfaces with Self-reparability: Effect of Structuring and Thickness of the Lubricant-elastomer Layer 

      Cui, Wenjuan; Pakkanen, Tapani A (Elsevier BV, 2020)
      Biomimetic lubricant-infused slippery surface (LISS) has attracted extensive attention as an alternative to a superhydrophobic surface (SHS) for icephobic applications. In this work, the impact of the material parameters ...
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    • Facile functionalization of cellulose from discarded cigarette butts for the removal of diclofenac from water 

      Abu-Danso, Emmanuel; Bagheri, Afrouz; Bhatnagar, Amit (Elsevier BV, 2019)
      In this study, cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs), and cellulose nanofibers (CNFs) were extracted from discarded cigarette butts (DCBs), and investigated for their efficiency for diclofenac (Dfc) removal from water. CNFs ...
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    • Factors controlling the evaporation of secondary organic aerosol from alfa-pinene ozonolysis 

      Yli-Juuti T; Pajunoja A; Tikkanen O-P; Buchholz A; Faiola C; Väisänen O; Hao L; Kari E; Peräkylä O; Garmash O; Shiraiwa M; Ehn M; Lehtinen K; Virtanen A (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017)
      Secondary organic aerosols (SOA) forms a major fraction of organic aerosols in the atmosphere. Knowledge of SOA properties that affect their dynamics in the atmosphere is needed for improving climate models. By combining ...

    • Farmers' Perceptions about Climate Change Vulnerabilities and their Adaptation Measures in District Swat 

      Bacha, Muhammad Suleman; Nafees, Mohammad; Adnan, Syed (Research Links Ltd., 2018)
      Climate variability significantly affects water, food and energy sectors particularly in developing countries. The current study focused on farmer’s perception about climate change vulnerabilities, their adaptation measures ...
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    • Fatty acid content and composition in edible Ruspolia differens feeding on mixtures of natural food plants 

      Rutaro, Karlmax; Malinga, Geoffrey M; Lehtovaara, Vilma J; Opoke, Robert; Nyeko, Philip; Roininen, Heikki; Valtonen, Anu (Springer Nature America, Inc, 2018)
      Objectives To develop successful mass-rearing programs of edible insects, knowledge of the feeds and their influence on nutritional content is critical. We assessed the influence of natural food plants (grass inflorescences) ...
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    • Fecal Sludge Derived Products as Fertilizer for Lettuce Cultivation in Urban Agriculture 

      Pradhan, Surendra K; Cofie, Olufunke; Nikiema, Josiane; Heinonen-Tanski, Helvi (MDPI AG, 2019)
      Fecal sludge (FS) contains a significant amount of plant nutrients. FS (treated/untreated) has been used as soil ameliorant in several countries. Use of FS-based compost on lettuce may meet reservations due to possible ...
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    • Femtosecond Circular Photon Drag Effect in the Ag/Pd Nanocomposite 

      Mikheev Gennady M; Saushin Aleksandr S; Vanyukov Viatcheslav V; Mikheev Konstantin G; Svirko Yuri P (Springer Nature, 2017)
      We report on the observation of the helicity-dependent photoresponse of the 20-μm-thick silver–palladium (Ag/Pd) nanocomposite films. In the experiment, 120 fs pulses of Ti:S laser induced in the film an electric current ...

    • Fertilization Changes Chemical Defense in Needles of Mature Norway Spruce (Picea abies) 

      Nybakken, L; Lie, MH; Julkunen-Tiitto, R; Asplund, J; Ohlson, M (Frontiers Media SA, 2018)
      Nitrogen availability limits growth in most boreal forests. However, parts of the boreal zone receive significant levels of nitrogen deposition. At the same time, forests are fertilized to increase volume growth and carbon ...
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    • Field calibration of merchantable and sawlog volumes in forest inventories based on airborne laser scanning 

      Karjalainen, Tomi; Mehtätalo, Lauri; Packalen, Petteri; Gobakken, Terje; Næsset, Erik; Maltamo, Matti (Canadian Science Publishing, 2020)
      In many countries, airborne laser scanning (ALS) inventories are implemented to produce predictions for stand-level forest attributes. Nevertheless, mature stands are usually field-visited prior to clear-cutting, so some ...
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    • Fin morphology variation in Aphanius farsicus in two local populations 

      Yaripour, Sareh; Zamanpoore, Mehrdad; Kortet, Raine (Elsevier BV, 2018)
      The teleost genus Aphanius is currently composed of at least 32 species. Here, we present observational data from breeding experiments in which we studied two local populations of the Farsi tooth-carp A. farsicus in ...
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    • Finding flies in the mushroom soup: Host specificity of fungus-associated communities revisited with a novel molecular method 

      Koskinen, Janne; Roslin, Tomas; Nyman, Tommi; Abrego, Nerea; Michell, Craig; Vesterinen, Eero J (Wiley, 2018)
      Fruiting bodies of fungi constitute an important resource for thousands of other taxa. The structure of these diverse assemblages has traditionally been studied with labour‐intensive methods involving cultivation and ...
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    • Finite element approximation of the radiative transport equation in a medium with piece-wise constant refractive index 

      Lehtikangas, O; Tarvainen, T; Kim, A D; Arridge, S R (Elsevier BV, 2015)
      The radiative transport equation can be used as a light transport model in a medium with scattering particles, such as biological tissues. In the radiative transport equation, the refractive index is assumed to be constant ...

    • Finnish graduated physics teachers' views about their teacher education program - The disparity between the needs and delivery 

      Leinonen, Risto; Haaranen, Markku; Kesonen, Mikko; Koponen, Mika; Hirvonen, Pekka E; Asikainen, Mervi A (Omnia Publisher SL, 2020)
      In this article, graduated physics teachers’ views about their teacher education program and professional needs are evaluated. With respect to teacher knowledge, Physical Knowledge for Teaching (PKT) framework consisting ...
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    • Fishes in a changing world: learning from the past to promote sustainability of fish populations 

      Gordon, TAC; Harding, HR; Clever, FK; Davidson, IK; Davison, W; Montgomery, DW; Weatherhead, RC; Windsor, FM; Armstrong, JD; Bardonnet, A; Bergman, E; Britton, JR; Côté, IM; D'Agostino, D; Greenberg, LA; Harborne, AR; Kahilainen, KK; Metcalfe, NB; Mills, SC; Milner; et al (Wiley-Blackwell, 2018)
      Populations of fishes provide valuable services for billions of people, but face diverse and interacting threats that jeopardize their sustainability. Human population growth and intensifying resource use for food, water, ...
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    • Flexibility of habitat use in novel environments: insights from a translocation experiment with lesser black-backed gulls 

      van Toor Mariëlle L; Arriero Elena; Holland Richard A; Huttunen Markku J; Juvaste Risto; Müller Inge; Thorup Kasper; Wikelski Martin; Safi Kamran (The Royal Society, 2017)
      Being faced with unknown environments is a concomitant challenge of species' range expansions. Strategies to cope with this challenge include the adaptation to local conditions and a flexibility in resource exploitation. ...

    • Flipped learning, digital storytelling as the new solutionsin adult education and school pedagogy 

      Tomczyk, Lukasz; Oyelere, Solomon Sunday; Puentes, Angel; Sanchez-Castillo, Gloria; Muñoz, Darwin; Simsek, Burcu; Akyar, Ozgur Yasar; Demirhan, Giyasettin (Czech Andragogy Society, 2019)
      The paper is a brief overview of the possibilities of using new, ICT-based teaching solutions. It presents the positive results of integrating flipped learning, digital story telling methods into the learning and teaching ...
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