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    • Quantitative Assessment of Scots Pine (Pinus SylvestrisL.) Whorl Structure in a Forest Environment Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning 

      Pyorälä, Jiri; Liang, Xinlian; Vastaranta, Mikko; Saarinen, Ninni; Kankare, Ville; Wang, Yunsheng; Holopainen, Markus; Hyyppä, Juha (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018)
      State-of-the-art technology available at sawmills enables measurements of whorl numbers and the maximum branch diameter for individual logs, but such information is currently unavailable at the wood procurement planning ...
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    • Quantitative Dual Contrast CT Technique for Evaluation of Articular Cartilage Properties 

      Bhattarai, A; Honkanen, JTJ; Myller, KAH; Prakash, M; Korhonen M; Saukko, AEA; Virén, T; Joukainen, A; Patwa, AN; Kröger, H; Grinstaf, MW; Jurvelin, JS; Töyräs, J; (Springer Nature, 2018)
      Impact injuries of cartilage may initiate post-traumatic degeneration, making early detection of injury imperative for timely surgical or pharmaceutical interventions. Cationic (positively-charged) CT contrast agents detect ...
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    • Quantitative dual contrast photon-counting computed tomography for assessment of articular cartilage health 

      Paakkari, Petri; Inkinen, Satu I; Honkanen, Miitu KM; Prakash, Mithilesh; Shaikh, Rubina; Nieminen, Miika T; Grinstaff, Mark W; Mäkelä, Janne TA; Töyräs, Juha; Honkanen, Juuso TJ (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2021)
      Photon-counting detector computed tomography (PCD-CT) is a modern spectral imaging technique utilizing photon-counting detectors (PCDs). PCDs detect individual photons and classify them into fixed energy bins, thus enabling ...
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    • Quantitative Evaluation of Knee Subchondral Bone Mineral Density Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography 

      Turunen, Mikael J.; Toyras, Juha; Kokkonen, Harri T; Jurvelin, Jukka S. (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2015)
      Contrast agent enhanced cone beam computed tomography (CE-CBCT), a technique capable of high-resolution in vivo imaging with small radiation dose, has been applied successfully for clinical diagnostics of cartilage ...

    • Quantitative photoacoustic tomography augmented with surface light measurements 

      Nykanen O; Pulkkinen A; Tarvainen T (The Optical Society, 2017)
      Quantitative photoacoustic tomography is an imaging modality in which distributions of optical parameters inside tissue are estimated from photoacoustic images. This optical parameter estimation is an ill-posed problem and ...

    • Quantitative photoacoustic tomography using illuminations from a single direction 

      Pulkkinen, Aki; Cox, Ben T; Arridge, Simon R; Kaipio, Jari P; Tarvainen, Taina (SPIE-Intl Soc Optical Eng, 2015)
      Quantitative photoacoustic tomography is an emerging imaging technique aimed at estimating optical parameters inside tissues from photoacoustic images, which are formed by combining optical information and ultrasonic ...

    • Quantitative susceptibility mapping of articular cartilage: Ex vivo findings at multiple orientations and following different degradation treatments 

      Nykänen, O; Rieppo, L; Töyräs, J; Kolehmainen, V; Saarakkala, S; Shmueli, K; Nissi, MJ (Wiley, 2018)
      Purpose We investigated the feasibility of quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) for assessing degradation of articular cartilage by measuring ex vivo bovine cartilage samples subjected to different degradative ...
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    • Radiative and climate impacts of a large volcanic eruption during stratospheric sulfur geoengineering 

      Laakso A; Kokkola H; Partanen A.-I; Niemeier U; Timmreck C; Lehtinen K.E.J; Hakkarainen H; Korhonen H (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2016)
      Both explosive volcanic eruptions, which emit sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, and stratospheric geoengineering via sulfur injections can potentially cool the climate by increasing the amount of scattering particles ...

    • Radon, fungal spores and MVOCs reduction in crawl space house: A case study and crawl space development by hygrothermal modelling 

      Keskikuru, T; Salo, J; Huttunen, P; Kokotti, H; Hyttinen, M; Halonen, R; Vinha, J (Elsevier BV, 2018)
      In this case study was to investigate how ventilation of the crawl space will influence on concentrations of radon, fungal spores and MVOCs in the crawl space and indoors of detached house. The crawl space pressurisation ...
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    • Raman Microspectroscopy Demonstrates Alterations in Human Mandibular Bone after Radiotherapy 

      Singh, SP; Parviainen, I; Dekker, H; Schulten, EAJM; ten Bruggenkate, CM; Bravenboer, N; Mikkonen, JJ; Turunen, MJ; Koistinen, AP; Kullaa, A (OMICS Publishing Group, 2015)
      Quality and alterations in the biochemical composition of bones used for dental implantation after radiotherapy in cancer patients is always a critical and debatable factor. Clinically the irradiated bone is similar to ...

    • Raman spectroscopy is sensitive to biochemical changes related to various cartilage injuries 

      Shaikh, Rubina; Nippolainen, Ervin; Virtanen, Vesa; Torniainen, Jari; Rieppo, Lassi; Saarakkala, Simo; Afara, Isaac O; Töyräs, Juha (Wiley, 2021)
      Raman spectroscopy is promising in vivo tool in various biomedical applications; moreover, in recent years, its use for characterizing articular cartilage degeneration has been developing. It has also shown potential for ...
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    • Rapid growth of organic aerosol nanoparticles over a wide tropospheric temperature range 

      Stolzenburg, D; Fischer, L; Vogel, AL; Heinritzi, M; Schervish, M; Simon, M; Wagner, AC; Dada, L; Ahonen, LR; Amorim, A; Baccarini, A; Bauer, PS; Baumgartner, B; Bergen, A; Bianchi, F; Breitenlechner, M; Brilke, S; Buenrostro Mazon, S; Chen, D; Dias, A (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2018)
      Nucleation and growth of aerosol particles from atmospheric vapors constitutes a major source of global cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). The fraction of newly formed particles that reaches CCN sizes is highly sensitive to ...
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    • Rapid visualization of grain boundaries in monolayer MoS2 by multiphoton microscopy 

      Karvonen Lasse; Säynätjoki Antti; Huttunen Mikko J; Autere Anton; Amirsolaimani Babak; Li Shisheng; Norwood Robert A; Peyghambarian Nasser; Lipsanen Harri; Eda Goki; Kieu Khanh; Sun Zhipei (Springer Nature, 2017)
      Grain boundaries have a major effect on the physical properties of two-dimensional layered materials. Therefore, it is important to develop simple, fast and sensitive characterization methods to visualize grain boundaries. ...

    • Real-time analysis of methylalumoxane formation 

      Joshi, Anuj; Zijlstra, Harmen S; Liles, Elena; Concepcion, Carina; Linnolahti, Mikko; McIndoe, J Scott (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2021)
      Methylalumoxane (MAO), a perennially useful activator for olefin polymerization precatalysts, is famously intractable to structural elucidation, consisting as it does of a complex mixture of oligomers generated from ...
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    • Real-Time Closed-Loop Color Control of a Multi-Channel Luminaire Using Sensors Onboard a Mobile Device 

      Tang, Samuel Jia Wei; Kalavally, Vineetha; Ng, Kok Yew; Tan, Chee Pin; Parkkinen, Jussi (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018)
      Smart homes and Internet of Things are emerging concepts in modern society, with intelligent lighting being an important part of it. Besides providing visual satisfaction through its color-rendering properties, lighting ...
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    • Real-time destination prediction for mobile users 

      Mariescu-Istodor, Radu; Ungureanu, Roxana; Fränti, Pasi (Copernicus GmbH, 2019)
      The number of GPS trajectories recorded daily has been continuously growing in the recent years and new methods to analyse such big data are surfacing all the time. In this paper, we focus on destination prediction, which ...
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    • Real-time Electric Vehicle Load Forecast to Meet Timely Energy Dispatch 

      Tat, Thomas Ho Chee; Fränti, Pasi (IEEE Computer Society, 2018)
      Electric vehicles are more eco-friendly and energyefficient than the conventional internal combustion engine vehi-cles. This technology adds new challenge to the existing energydistribution network. Specifically, electric ...

    • Reasons for large annual yield fluctuations in wild arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus ssp. arcticus) in Finland 

      Kostamo, Katri Hannele; Toljamo, Anna; Kokko, Harri; Kärenlampi, Sirpa; Rita, Hannu (Canadian Science Publishing, 2018)
      Fluctuations in the yield of wild berries are markedly influenced by weather conditions. However, the cause–effect relationship is often poorly understood. Based on data spanning a 20-year period in Finland, we made an ...
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    • Recognizing the Interest of Forest Owners to Combine Nature-Oriented and Economic Uses of Forests 

      Pynnönen, Sari; Paloniemi, Riikka; Hujala, Teppo (Springer Nature, 2018)
      Protecting biodiversity within separate set-aside conservation areas has not been effective enough to halt its loss. Thus, new approaches to conserve biodiversity alongside production are needed. The non-market values of ...
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    • Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Assay for fast, sensitive and on-site detection of Phytophthora cactorum without DNA extraction 

      Munawar, M; Toljamo, A; Martin, F; Kokko, H (, 2019)
      Crown rot, caused by Phytophthora cactorum, is an increasing problem for the strawberry crop in Europe. Most of the assays available for the detection P. cactorum are either laborious or inadequate for on-site testing. ...
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