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    • Two new submodels for the Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy): New Aerosol Nucleation (NAN) and small ions (IONS) version 1.0 

      Ehrhart, Sebastian; Dunne, Eimear M; Manninen, Hanna E; Nieminen, Tuomo; Lelieveld, Jos; Pozzer, Andrea (Copernicus GmbH, 2018)
      Two new submodels for the Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy) were developed. The New Aerosol Nucleation (NAN) submodel includes new parameterisations of aerosol particle formation rates published in recent years. These ...
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    • Types of Data Clarify Senses of Data Processing Purpose in Health Care 

      Mussalo, Petteri; Gain, Ulla; Hotti, Virpi (IOS Press, 2018)
      Data taxonomy facilitates data valuation. The origin-based data taxonomy contains four types of data (provided, observed, derived and inferred) and 10 subcategories. In this paper, we report the results of multivocal ...
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    • UCLALES-SALSA v1.0: a large-eddy model with interactive sectional microphysics for aerosol, clouds and precipitation 

      Tonttila Juha; Maalick Zubair; Raatikainen Tomi; Kokkola Harri; Kühn Thomas; Romakkaniemi Sami (Copernicus GmbH, 2017)
      Challenges in understanding the aerosol–cloud interactions and their impacts on global climate highlight the need for improved knowledge of the underlying physical processes and feedbacks as well as their interactions with ...

    • Ultra-strong nonlinear optical processes and trigonal warping in MoS2 layers 

      Säynätjoki A; Karvonen L; Rostami H; Autere A; Mehravar S; Lombardo A; Norwood RA; Hasan T; Peyghambarian N; Lipsanen H; Kieu K; Ferrari AC; Polini M; Sun Z (Springer Nature, 2017)
      Nonlinear optical processes, such as harmonic generation, are of great interest for various applications, e.g., microscopy, therapy, and frequency conversion. However, high-order harmonic conversion is typically much less ...

    • Ultra-thin Bloch-surface-wave-based reflector at telecommunication wavelength 

      Dubey R; Vosoughi Lahijani B; Häyrinen M; Roussey M; Kuittinen M; Herzig HP (The Optical Society, 2017)
      We experimentally demonstrate the optical properties of gratings engraved in a single-mode waveguide fabricated on top of a dielectric multilayer platform. The structure can be approached as a reflector for Bloch-surface ...

    • Ultra-Thin Pyrocarbon Films as a Versatile Coating Material 

      Kaplas Tommi; Kuzhir Polina (Springer Nature, 2017)
      The properties and synthesis procedures of the nanometrically thin pyrolyzed photoresist films (PPF) and the pyrolytic carbon films (PCF) were compared, and a number of similarities were found. Closer examination showed ...

    • Ultrafast zero-bias photocurrent and terahertz emission in hybrid perovskites 

      Obraztsov, Petr A; Lyashenko, Dmitry; Chizhov, Pavel A; Konishi, Kuniaki; Nemoto, Natsuki; Kuwata-Gonokami, Makoto; Welch, Eric; Obraztsov, Alexander N; Zakhidov, Alex (Springer Nature, 2018)
      Methylammonium lead iodide is a benchmark hybrid organic perovskite material used for low-cost printed solar cells with a power conversion efficiency of over 20%. Nevertheless, the nature of light–matter interaction in ...
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    • Ultrasensitive and recyclable superstructure of AuSiO2@Ag wire for surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection of thiocyanate in urine and human serum 

      Ankudze, Bright; Philip, Anish; Pakkanen, Tuula T (Elsevier BV, 2019)
      Thiocyanate level in the human system can serve as a biomarker to distinguish smokers from non-smokers. Thiocyanate is a potential goitrogen, thus an accurate determination may help to identify lactating mothers with high ...
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    • Ultrasound field characterization using synthetic schlieren tomography 

      Pulkkinen Aki; Leskinen Jarkko J; Tiihonen Aimo (Acoustical Society of America (ASA), 2017)
      Synthetic schlieren imaging, also known as background oriented schlieren imaging, is used to determine the acoustical field of a focused ultrasound transducer operating at 1.01 MHz frequency with peak pressure amplitude ...

    • Understanding of anesthesia - why consciousness is essential for life and not based on genes 

      František Baluška; Ken Yokawa; Stefano Mancuso; Keith Baverstock (Informa UK Limited, 2016)
      Anesthesia and consciousness represent 2 mysteries not only for biology but also for physics and philosophy. Although anesthesia was introduced to medicine more than 160 y ago, our understanding of how it works still remains ...

    • Understorey Rhododendron tomentosum and Leaf Trichome Density Affect Mountain Birch VOC Emissions in the Subarctic 

      Mofikoya, AO; Miura, K; Ghimire, RP; Blande, JD; Kivimäenpää, M; Holopainen, T; Holopainen, JK (Springer Nature America, Inc, 2018)
      Subarctic vegetation is composed of mountain birch [Betula pubescens ssp. czerepanovii (MB)] forests with shrubs and other species growing in the understorey. The effects of the presence and density of one understorey ...
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    • Unemployment, Personality Traits, and the Use of Facebook: Does Online Social Support Influence Continuous Use? 

      Ukpabi, Dandison C; Olawumi, Olayemi; Balogun, Oluwafemi Samson; Nwachukwu, Chijioke E; Olaleye, Sunday Adewale; Kolog, Emmanuel Awuni; Agjei, Richard, O; Adusei-Mensah, Frank; Awoniyi, Luqman; Atsa'am, Donald Douglas; Adeyemi, Oluwafikayo (IGI Global, 2021)
      Different personality traits respond differently to unfavourable life situations. Unemployment can have several negative social, economic, and domestic consequences. Many people use social media for a variety of reasons. ...
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    • Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions Sharing Values with Their nth Order Exact Differences 

      Gao, Z; Korhonen, R; Zhang, J; Zhang, Y (Springer Nature America, Inc, 2018)
      Let f(z) be a transcendental meromorphic function in the complex plane of hyper-order strictly less than 1. It is shown that if f(z) and its nth exact difference Δnf(z) (≢ 0) share three distinct periodic functions a,b,c∈S^(f) ...
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    • Uniqueness of the Sum of Points of the Period-Five Cycle of Quadratic Polynomials 

      Kosunen Pekka (Hindawi Limited, 2017)
      It is well known that the sum of points of the period-five cycle of the quadratic polynomial is generally not one-valued. In this paper we will show that the sum of cycle points of the curves of period five is at most ...

    • University student's academic performance : an approach of Tau statistic 

      Balogun, Oluwafemi Samson; Olaleye, Sunday Adewale; Ibidoja, Olayemi Joshua (International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA), 2020)
      The poor performance of tertiary graduates in Nigeria has been the subject of speculation for stakeholders in the education sector. In pursuance of Academic excellence, Nigeria's target is to become one ...
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    • Unmasking the story behind forest carbon flux: an integrated remote-sensing based approach 

      Ravindranath, N H; Gopalakrishnan, Ranjith (IOP Publishing, 2018)
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    • Upper bound of signal-relevant efficiency of constrained diffractive elements 

      Verhoeven AD; Aagedal H; Wyrowski F; Turunen J (, 2016)
      We define the signal-relevant efficiency (SRE) of a diffractive optical element as a measure of the proportion of the incident field power that ends up in the desired output signal. An upper bound for SRE is determined in ...

    • Urban air PM modifies differently immune defense responses against bacterial and viral infections in vitro 

      Shahbaz, Muhammad Ali; Martikainen, Maria-Viola; Rönkkö, Teemu J; Komppula, Mika; Jalava, Pasi I; Roponen, Marjut (Elsevier BV, 2020)
      Epidemiological evidence has shown the association between exposure to ambient fine particulate matter (PM) and increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral respiratory infections. However, to date, the underlying ...
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    • Users experience of mobile money in Nigeria 

      Olaleye, Sunday A; Sanusi, Ismaila T; Oyelere, Solomon Sunday (IEEE, 2017)
      Mobile money is an upshot of the conventional banking system that creates an opportunity for the financially excluded group of people. It allows the unbanked in the rural areas and the underbanked in the urban centers to ...

    • Using DNA metabarcoding for assessing chironomid diversity and community change in mosquito controlled temporary wetlands 

      Theissinger, Kathrin; Kästel, Anna; Elbrecht, Vasco; Makkonen, Jenny; Michiels, Susanne; Schmidt, Susanne I; Allgeier, Stefanie; Leese, Florian; Brühl ,Carsten A (Pensoft Publishers, 2018)
      The biocide Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bti) is widely applied for mosquito control in temporary wetlands of the German Upper Rhine Valley. Even though Bti is considered environmentally friendly, several studies ...
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