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    • Smart Learning Analytics and Frequent Formative Assessments to Improve Student Retention 

      Hassan, Muhammad Mustafa; Qureshi, Adnan N; Moreno, Andrés; Tukiainen, Markku (IEEE, 2019)
      In today's world of competitive educational institutions, it is imperative that the final product, the students, are of the optimal quality as required by the professional industry. Conventionally, the progress and quality ...
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    • Smart Mobile Learning Environment for Programming Education in Nigeria: Adaptivity and Context-Aware Features 

      Agbo, Friday Joseph; Oyelere, Solomon Sunday (Springer International Publishing, 2019)
      The proliferation and diffusion of mobile devices and growing number of its users presents the opportunity for developers of education technology to provide tools that will support both the learners and the instructors. ...
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    • Soil CO2 efflux in uneven-aged and even-aged Norway spruce stands in southern Finland 

      Kumpu, Atte; Mäkelä, Annikki; Pumpanen, Jukka; Saarinen, Jussi; Berninger, Frank (Italian Society of Sivilculture and Forest Ecology (SISEF), 2018)
      Even-aged forests usually act as carbon sinks during most of their rotation. However, after clearcut they become sources of carbon for a period of several years. Applying uneven-aged forest management with selective cuttings ...
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    • Soil drought increases atmospheric fine particle capture efficiency of Norway spruce 

      Räsänen, Janne; Yli-Pirilä, Pasi; Holopainen, Toini; Joutsensaari, Jorma; Pasanen, Pertti; Kivimäenpää, Minna (Finnish Environment Institute, 2012)
      Atmospheric fine particles from natural and anthropogenic sources reduce air quality and thus cause undesirable health and climate effects. Trees can act as obstacles to dispersal of particle pollution and thus remove a ...

    • Soil moisture control of sap-flow response to biophysical factors in a desert-shrub species, Artemisia ordosica 

      Zha Tianshan; Qian Duo; Jia Xin; Bai Yujie; Tian Yun; Bourque Charles P - A; Ma Jingyong; Feng Wei; Wu Bin; Peltola Heli (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2017)
      The current understanding of acclimation processes in desert-shrub species to drought stress in dryland ecosystems is still incomplete. In this study, we measured sap flow in Artemisia ordosica and associated environmental ...

    • Soil respiration following Chinese fir plantation clear-cut: Comparison of two forest regeneration approaches 

      Bai, S; Qiu, W; Zhang, H; Wang, Y; Berninger, F (Elsevier BV, 2020)
      In response to ecological problems originating from long-term pure coniferous plantations, clear-cut, species mixing, and other forest regeneration practices have been proposed to develop into mixed conifer-broadleaved ...
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    • Soil water regulates the control of photosynthesis on diel hysteresis between soil respiration and temperature in a desert shrubland 

      Wang Ben; Zha Tian Shan; Jia Xin; Gong Jin Nan; Bourque Charles; Feng Wei; Tian Yun; Wu Bin; Zhang Yu Qing; Peltola Heli (Copernicus GmbH, 2017)
      Explanations for the occurrence of hysteresis (asynchronicity) between diel soil respiration (Rs) and soil temperature (Ts) have evoked both biological and physical mechanisms. The specifics of these explanations, however, ...

    • Solutions to microplastic pollution - removal of microplastics from wastewater effluent with advanced wastewater treatment technologies 

      Talvitie Julia; Mikola Anna; Koistinen Arto; Setälä Outi (Elsevier BV, 2017)
      Conventional wastewater treatment with primary and secondary treatment processes efficiently remove microplastics (MPs) from the wastewater. Despite the efficient removal, final effluents can act as entrance route of MPs, ...

    • Sources of particulate organic nitrates in the boreal forest in Finland 

      Kortelainen A; Hao L; Tiitta P; Jaatinen A; Miettinen P; Kulmala M; Smith JN; Laaksonen A; Worsnop DR; Virtanen A (Boreal Environment Research Publishing Board, 2017)
      Organic nitrates (ON) are known to be present in secondary organic aerosol and act as a reservoir of nitrogen oxides, regulating the local and regional ozone and hydroxyl radical budgets. This work reports ...

    • Spatial coherence of light measured by nanoscattering 

      Saastamoinen, Kimmo; Leppänen, Lasse-Petteri; Vartiainen, Ismo; Friberg, Ari T; Setälä, Tero (The Optical Society, 2018)
      As complex random electromagnetic fields are increasingly exploited in advanced photonics, the measurement of their statistical properties emerges as a crucial technical issue. For spatial coherence, we employ dipole ...
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    • Spatial, temporal and source contribution assessments of black carbon over the northern interior of South Africa 

      Chiloane KE; Beukes JP; van Zyl PG; Maritz P; Vakkari V; Josipovic M; Venter AD; Jaars K; Tiitta P; Kulmala M; Wiedensohler A; Liousse C; Mkhatshwa GV; Ramandh A; Laakso L (Copernicus GmbH, 2017)
      After carbon dioxide (CO2), aerosol black carbon (BC) is considered to be the second most important contributor to global warming. This paper presents equivalent black carbon (eBC) (derived from an optical absorption method) ...

    • Speaker Recognition For Speech Under Face Cover 

      Saeidi, Rahim; Niemi, Tuija; Karppelin, Hanna; Pohjalainen, Jouni; Kinnunen, Tomi; Alku, Paavo (ISCA (the International Speech Communication Association), 2015)
      Speech under face cover constitute a case that is increasingly met by forensic speech experts. Wearing face cover mostly happens when an individual strives to conceal his or her identity. Based on the material of face cover ...

    • Speaker recognition from whispered speech: a tutorial survey and an application of time-varying linear prediction 

      Vestman, Ville; Gowda, Dhananjaya; Sahidullah, Md; Alku, Paavo; Kinnunen, Tomi (Elsevier BV, 2018)
      From the available biometric technologies, automatic speaker recognition is one of the most convenient and accessible ones due to abundance of mobile devices equipped with a microphone, allowing users to be authenticated ...
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    • Special Issue on the recent trends in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry in the European Region 

      Lehto, Vesa-Pekka; Lastusaari, Mika; Kaljuvee, Tiit (Springer Science + Business Media, 2015)

    • Spectral Image Enhancement for the Visualization of Dental Lesions 

      Fält, P; Hyttinen, J; Fauch, L; Riepponen, A; Kullaa, A; Hauta-Kasari, M (Springer International Publishing, 2018)
      Spectral imaging provides an image of a target over a relatively large number of wavelength bands. With the advances in imaging technology, spectral imaging is becoming increasingly popular in different areas of research. ...
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    • Spectral Video in Image-Guided Microsurgical Applications: Integrating Imaging Technology into the Clinical Environment and Ergonomic Considerations 

      Bartczak, Piotr; Vrzakova, Hana; Bednarik, Roman; Iso-Mustajarvi, Matti; Hauta-Kasari, Markku; Jääskeläinen, Juha E; Fraunberg, Mikael; Elomaa, Antti-Pekka (IEEE, 2018)
      Numerous visualization tools are involved in surgeon's decision making during a procedure. Image-guided navigation systems such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance have become an integral part of many surgical ...
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    • Sperm pre-fertilization thermal environment shapes offspring phenotype and performance 

      Kekäläinen, Jukka; Oskoei, Párástu; Janhunen, Matti; Koskinen, Heikki; Kortet, Raine; Huuskonen, Hannu (The Company of Biologists, 2018)
      The sperm pre-fertilization environment has recently been suggested to mediate remarkable transgenerational consequences for offspring phenotype (transgenerational plasticity, TGB), but the adaptive significance of the ...
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    • Spoofing detection goes noisy: An analysis of synthetic speech detection in the presence of additive noise 

      Hanilçi Cemal; Kinnunen Tomi; Sahidullaha Md; Sizova Aleksandr (Elsevier BV, 2016)
      Automatic speaker verification (ASV) technology is recently finding its way to end-user applications for secure access to personal data, smart services or physical facilities. Similar to other biometric technologies, speaker ...

    • Spring and summer contrast in new particle formation over nine forest areas in North America 

      Yu, F; Luo, G; Pryor, S C; Pillai, P R; Lee, S H; Ortega, J; Schwab, J J; Hallar, A G; Leaitch, W R; Aneja, V P; Smith, J N; Walker, J T; Hogrefe, O; Demerjian, K L (Copernicus GmbH, 2015)
      Recent laboratory chamber studies indicate a significant role for highly oxidized low-volatility organics in new particle formation (NPF), but the actual role of these highly oxidized low-volatility organics in atmospheric ...

    • Stability and dynamics of communities on online question-answer sites 

      Metzler, Saskia; Günnemann, Stephan; Miettinen, Pauli (Elsevier BV, 2019)
      Social networks are present in our everyday lives, not just in face to face communication, but also when we communicate through the Internet. The latter leaves massive traces of data and thereby opens opportunities to ...
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