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    • Assessment of Health Risks of Intermediate Frequency Magnetic Fields 

      Herrala M; Kumari K; Blomme A; Khan MW; Koivisto H; Naarala J; Roivainen P; Tanila H; Viluksela M; Juutilainen J (Springer Singapore, 2017)
      Health effects of electromagnetic fields have been studied mainly focusing on extremely low frequency magnetic fields and radio frequency fields. Less attention has been paid to intermediate frequency magnetic fields (IF ...

    • Designed inorganic porous nanovector with controlled release and MRI features for safe administration of doxorubicin 

      Näkki, S; Wang, JT; Wu, J; Fan, L; Rantanen, J; Nissinen, T; Kettunen, MI; Backholm, M; Ras, RHA; Al-Jamal, KT; Lehto, VP; Xu, W (Elsevier BV, 2019)
      The inability of traditional chemotherapeutics to reach cancer tissue reduces the treatment efficacy and leads to adverse effects. A multifunctional nanovector was developed consisting of porous silicon, superparamagnetic ...
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    • Effects of intermediate frequency magnetic fields on male fertility indicators in mice 

      Kumari K; Capstick M; Cassara AM; Herrala M; Koivisto H; Naarala J; Tanila H; Viluksela M; Juutilainen J (Elsevier BV, 2017)
      Human exposure to intermediate frequency (IF) fields is increasing due to new applications such as electronic article surveillance systems, wireless power transfer and induction heating cookers. However, limited data is ...
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    • Genotoxicity of intermediate frequency magnetic fields in vitro and in vivo 

      Herrala, Mikko; Kumari, Kajal; Koivisto, Hennariikka; Luukkonen, Jukka; Tanila, Heikki; Naarala, Jonne; Juutilainen, Jukka (Elsevier BV, 2018)
      We assessed genotoxic effects of intermediate frequency magnetic fields (MF) in vitro and in vivo. Rat primary astrocytes were exposed for 24 h to a 7.5 kHz MF at a magnetic flux density of 30 or 300 µT. Male C57BL/6 J ...
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    • Paired-pulse navigated TMS is more effective than single-pulse navigated TMS for mapping upper extremity muscles in brain tumor patients 

      Sollmann, Nico; Zhang, Haosu; Kelm, Anna; Schröder, Axel; Meyer, Bernhard; Pitkänen, Minna; Julkunen, Petro; Krieg, Sandro M (Elsevier BV, 2020)
      Objective Single-pulse navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (sp-nTMS) is used for presurgical motor mapping in patients with motor-eloquent lesions. However, recently introduced paired-pulse nTMS (pp-nTMS) with ...
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    • Quantitative dual contrast photon-counting computed tomography for assessment of articular cartilage health 

      Paakkari, Petri; Inkinen, Satu I; Honkanen, Miitu KM; Prakash, Mithilesh; Shaikh, Rubina; Nieminen, Miika T; Grinstaff, Mark W; Mäkelä, Janne TA; Töyräs, Juha; Honkanen, Juuso TJ (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2021)
      Photon-counting detector computed tomography (PCD-CT) is a modern spectral imaging technique utilizing photon-counting detectors (PCDs). PCDs detect individual photons and classify them into fixed energy bins, thus enabling ...
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    • State Estimation with Structural Priors in fMRI 

      Wettenhovi Ville-Veikko; Kolehmainen Ville; Huttunen Joanna; Kettunen Mikko; Gröhn Olli; Vauhkonen Marko (Springer Nature, 2017)
      We propose a state estimation approach for functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). In state estimation, time-dependent image reconstruction problem is modeled by separate state evolution and observation models, and ...