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    • Hygroscopicity of nanoparticles produced from homogeneous nucleation in the CLOUD experiments 

      Kim J; Ahlm L; Yli-Juuti T; Lawler M; Keskinen H; Tröestl J; Schobesberger S; Duplissy J; Amorim A; Bianchi F; Donahue NM; Flagan RC; Hakala J; Heinritzi M; Jokinen T; Kuerten A; Laaksonen A; Lehtipalo K; Miettinen P; Petäjä T; Rissanen MP; Rondo L; Sengupta K; Simon M; Tome A; Williamson C; Wimmer D; Winkler P.M; Ehrhart S; Ye P; Kirkby J; Curtius J; Baltensperger U; Kulmala M; Lehtinen K.E.J; Smith J.N; Riipinen I; Virtanen A (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2016)
      Sulfuric acid, amines and oxidized organics have been found to be important compounds in the nucleation and initial growth of atmospheric particles. Because of the challenges involved in determining the chemical composition ...