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    • Chemical composition, main sources and temporal variability of PM1 aerosols in southern African grassland 

      Tiitta, P; Vakkari, V; Croteau, P; Beukes, JP; van Zyl, PG; Josipovic, M; Venter, AD; Jaars, K; Pienaar, JJ; Ng, NL; Canagaratna, MR; Jayne, JT; Kerminen, V-M; Kokkola, H; Kulmala, M; Laaksonen, A; Worsnop, DR; Laakso, L (Copernicus GmbH, 2014)
      Southern Africa is a significant source region of atmospheric pollution, yet long-term data on pollutant concentrations and properties from this region are rather limited. A recently established atmospheric measurement ...
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