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    • Impacts of drainage, restoration and warming on boreal wetland greenhouse gas fluxes 

      Laine, AM; Mehtätalo, M; Tolvanen, A; Frolking, S; Tuittila, ES (Elsevier BVAlankomaat, 2018)
      Northern wetlands with organic soil i.e., mires are significant carbon storages. This key ecosystem service may be threatened by anthropogenic activities and climate change, yet we still lack a consensus on how these major ...
    • Plant diversity and functional trait composition during mire development 

      Laine, AM; Selänpää, T; Oksanen, J; Seväkivi, M; Tuittila, E-S (2018)
      During succession, plant species composition undergoes changes that may have implications for ecosystem functions. Here we aimed to study changes in plant species diversity, functional diversity and functional traits ...
    • Warming impacts on boreal fen CO2 exchange under wet and dry conditions 

      Laine, AM; Mäkiranta, P; Laiho, R; Mehtätalo, L; Penttilä, T; Korrensalo, A; Minkkinen, K; Fritze, H; Tuittila, ES (Wiley, 2019)
      Northern peatlands form a major soil carbon (C) stock. With climate change, peatland C mineralization is expected to increase, which in turn would accelerate climate change. A particularity of peatlands is the importance ...