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    • Influence of coating layers on characteristics of microdisk lasers with InAs/InGaAs quantum dots active region 

      Agafonov, IY; Kryzhanovskaya, NV; Moiseev, EI; Dragunova, AS; Fetisova, MV; Kotlyar, KP; Scherbak, SA; Reduto, IV; Guseva, YuA; Lipovskii, AA; Maximov, MV; Zhukov, AE (2018)
      Quantum-dot microdisk lasers coated with different dielectric layers transparent in spectral diapason of laser radiation were studied. We observe that the coating influences the mode spectra of the microlasers, reduces the ...
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    • Room temperature lasing from microdisk laser in aqueous medium 

      Fetisova, MV; Kryzhanovskaya, NV; Reduto, IV; Moiseev, EI; Blokhin, SA; Kotlyar, KP; Scherbak, SA; Lipovskii, AA; Kornev, AA; Bukatin, AS; Maximov, MV; Zhukov, AE (IOP Publishing, 2018)
      Lasing of optically pumped semiconductor microdisks immersed in aqueous medium is demonstrated for the first time. Microlasers containing quantum dot active region were placed into the transparent polydimethylsiloxane ...
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