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    • Novel insights on new particle formation derived from a pan-european observing system 

      Dall'Osto, M; Beddows, DCS; Asmi, A; Poulain, L; Hao, L; Freney, E; Allan, JD; Canagaratna, M; Crippa, M; Bianchi, F; de Leeuw, G; Eriksson, A; Swietlicki, E; Hansson, HC; Henzing, JS; Granier, C; Zemankova, K; Laj, P; Onasch, T; Prevot, A; Putaud, JP; Sellegri, K; Vidal, M; Virtanen, A; Simo, R; Worsnop, D; O'Dowd, C; Kulmala, M; Harrison, RM (Springer Nature, 2018)
      The formation of new atmospheric particles involves an initial step forming stable clusters less than a nanometre in size (<~1 nm), followed by growth into quasi-stable aerosol particles a few nanometres (~1–10 nm) and ...
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