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    • Conduction mechanisms and voltage drop during field electron emission from diamond needles 

      Torresin, Olivier; Borz, Mario; Mauchain, Julien; Blum, Ivan; Kleshch, Victor I; Obraztsov, Alexander N; Vella, Angela; Chalopin, Benoit (Elsevier BV, 2019)
      We report results of experimental investigation of field electron emission from diamond nanoemitters. The measurements were performed with single crystal diamond needles fixed at tungsten tips. The voltage drop along diamond ...
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    • Ultrafast zero-bias photocurrent and terahertz emission in hybrid perovskites 

      Obraztsov, Petr A; Lyashenko, Dmitry; Chizhov, Pavel A; Konishi, Kuniaki; Nemoto, Natsuki; Kuwata-Gonokami, Makoto; Welch, Eric; Obraztsov, Alexander N; Zakhidov, Alex (Springer Nature, 2018)
      Methylammonium lead iodide is a benchmark hybrid organic perovskite material used for low-cost printed solar cells with a power conversion efficiency of over 20%. Nevertheless, the nature of light–matter interaction in ...
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