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    • Direct radiative effect by brown carbon over the Indo-Gangetic Plain 

      Arola, A; Schuster, G L; Pitkänen, M R A; Dubovik, O; Kokkola, H; Lindfors, A V; Mielonen, T; Raatikainen, T; Romakkaniemi, S; Tripathi, S N; Lihavainen, H (Copernicus GmbH, 2015)
      The importance of light-absorbing organic aerosols, often called brown carbon (BrC), has become evident in recent years. However, there have been relatively few measurement-based estimates for the direct radiative effect ...

    • Hygroscopic properties and cloud condensation nuclei activation of limonene-derived organosulfates and their mixtures with ammonium sulfate 

      Hansen, A M K; Hong, J; Raatikainen, T; Kristensen, K; Ylisirniö, A; Virtanen, A; Petäjä, T; Glasius, M; Prisle, N L (Copernicus GmbH, 2015)
      Organosulfates have been observed as constituents of atmospheric aerosols in a wide range of environments; however their hygroscopic properties remain uncharacterised. Here, limonene-derived organosulfates with a molecular ...