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    • Biodiversity data provision and decision-making - addressing the challenges 

      Despot-Belmonte K; Neßhöver C; Saarenmaa H; Regan E; Meyer C; Martins E; Groom Q; Hoffmann A; Caine A; Bowles-Newark N; Bae H; Lange Canhos DA; Stenzel S; Bowler D; Schneider A; Weatherdon LV; Martin CS (Pensoft PublishersBulgaria, 2017)
      Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) are measurements required for study, reporting, and management of biodiversity change. They are being developed to support consistency, from the collection to the reporting of ...
    • The biodiversity informatics landscape : elements, connections and opportunities. 

      Bingham HC; Doudin M; Weatherdon LV; Despot-Belmonte K; Wetzel FT; Groom Q; Lewis E; Regan E; Appeltans W; Güntsch A; Mergen P; Agosti D; Penev L; Hoffmann A; Saarenmaa H; Geller G; Kim K; Kim H; Archambeau AS; Häuser C; (Pensoft Publishers, 2017)
      There are a multitude of biodiversity informatics projects, datasets, databases and initiatives at the global level, and many more at regional, national, and sometimes local levels. In such a complex landscape, it can be ...