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    • Scattering of partially coherent surface plasmon polariton fields by metallic nanostripe 

      Daniel, Salman; Saastamoinen, Kimmo; Ponomarenko, Sergey A; Friberg, Ari T (Springer Nature, 2019)
      Background Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are electromagnetic waves that propagate at a metal-dielectric interface. Until recently, monochromatic, fully coherent SPPs have mainly been considered. Methods We investigate ...
    • Spatial coherence of light measured by nanoscattering 

      Saastamoinen, Kimmo; Leppänen, Lasse-Petteri; Vartiainen, Ismo; Friberg, Ari T; Setälä, Tero (The Optical Society, 2018)
      As complex random electromagnetic fields are increasingly exploited in advanced photonics, the measurement of their statistical properties emerges as a crucial technical issue. For spatial coherence, we employ dipole ...