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    • Chemical composition, main sources and temporal variability of PM1 aerosols in southern African grassland 

      Tiitta, P; Vakkari, V; Croteau, P; Beukes, JP; van Zyl, PG; Josipovic, M; Venter, AD; Jaars, K; Pienaar, JJ; Ng, NL; Canagaratna, MR; Jayne, JT; Kerminen, V-M; Kokkola, H; Kulmala, M; Laaksonen, A; Worsnop, DR; Laakso, L (Copernicus GmbH, 2014)
      Southern Africa is a significant source region of atmospheric pollution, yet long-term data on pollutant concentrations and properties from this region are rather limited. A recently established atmospheric measurement ...
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    • One year of Raman lidar observations of free-tropospheric aerosol layers over South Africa 

      Giannakaki, E; Pfüller, A; Korhonen, K; Mielonen, T; Laakso, L; Vakkari, V; Baars, H; Engelmann, R; Beukes, J P; Van Zyl, P G; Josipovic, M; Tiitta, P; Chiloane, K; Piketh, S; Lihavainen, H; Lehtinen, K E J; Komppula, M (Copernicus GmbH, 2015)
      Raman lidar data obtained over a 1 year period has been analysed in relation to aerosol layers in the free troposphere over the Highveld in South Africa. In total, 375 layers were observed above the boundary layer during ...