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    • A North American Hydroclimate Synthesis (NAHS) of the Common Era 

      Rodysill, Jessica R; Anderson, Lesleigh; Cronin, Thomas M; Jones, Miriam C; Thompson, Robert S; Wahl, David B; Willard, Debra A; Addison, Jason A; Alder, Jay R; Anderson, Katherine H; Anderson, Lysanna; Barron, John A; Bernhardt, Christopher E; Hostetler, Steven W; Kehrwald, Natalie M; Khan, Nicole S; Richey, Julie N; Starratt, Scott W; Strickland, Laura E; Toomey, Michael R; Treat, Claire C; Wingard, G. Lynn (Elsevier BV, 2018)
      This study presents a synthesis of century-scale hydroclimate variations in North America for the Common Era (last 2000 years) using new age models of previously published multiple proxy-based paleoclimate data. This North ...