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    • Insights into the roles of non-catalytic residues in the active site of a GH10 xylanase with activity on cellulose 

      Chu Yindi; Tu Tao; Penttinen Leena; Xue Xianli; Wang Xiaoyu; Yi Zhuolin; Gong Li; Rouvinen Juha; Luo Huiying; Hakulinen Nina; Yao Bin; Su Xiaoyun (American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB), 2017)
      Bifunctional glycoside hydrolases have potential for cost-savings in enzymatic decomposition of plant cell wall polysaccharides for biofuels and bio-based chemicals. The N-terminal GH10 domain of a bifunctional multimodular ...
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