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    • The ASVspoof 2017 Challenge: Assessing the Limits of Replay Spoofing Attack Detection 

      Kinnunen, Tomi; Sahidullah, Md; Delgado, Hector; Todisco, Massimiliano; Evans, Nicholas; Yamagishi, Junichi; Lee, Kong Aik (ISCA (the International Speech Communication Association), 2017)
      The ASVspoof initiative was created to promote the development of countermeasures which aim to protect automatic speaker verification (ASV) from spoofing attacks. The first community-led, common evaluation held in 2015 ...

    • ASVspoof 2019: A large-scale public database of synthetized, converted and replayed speech 

      Wang, Xin; Yamagishi, Junichi; Todisco, Massimiliano; Delgado, Héctor; Nautsch, Andreas; Evans, Nicholas; Sahidullah, Md; Vestman, Ville; Kinnunen, Tomi; Lee, Kong Aik; Juvela, Lauri; Alku, Paavo; Peng, Yu-Huai; Hwang, Hsin-Te; Tsao, Yu; Wang, Hsin-Min; Maguer, Sébastien Le; Becker, Markus; et al. (Elsevier BV, 2020)
      Automatic speaker verification (ASV) is one of the most natural and convenient means of biometric person recognition. Unfortunately, just like all other biometric systems, ASV is vulnerable to spoofing, also referred to ...
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    • Introduction to voice presentation attack detection and recent advances 

      Sahidullah, Md; Delgado, Hector; Todisco, Massimiliano; Kinnunen, Tomi; Evans, Nicholas; Yamagishi, Junichi; Lee, Kong-Aik (Springer International Publishing, 2019)
      Over the past few years significant progress has been made in the field of presentation attack detection (PAD) for automatic speaker recognition (ASV). This includes the development of new speech corpora, standard evaluation ...