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    • Are forest disturbances amplifying or canceling out climate change-induced productivity changes in European forests? 

      Reyer Christopher P. O.; Bathgate Stephen; Blennow Kristina; Borges Jose G.; Bugmann Harald; Delzon Sylvain; Faias Sonia P.; Garcia-Gonzalo Jordi; Gardiner Barry; Gonzalez-Olabarria Jose Ramon; Gracia Carlos; Guerra Hernández Juan; Kellomäki Seppo; Kramer Koen; Lexer Manfred J.; Lindner Marcus; van der Maaten Ernst; Maroschek Michael; Muys Bart; Nicoll Bruce et al. (IOP Publishing, 2017)
      Recent studies projecting future climate change impacts on forests mainly consider either the effects of climate change on productivity or on disturbances. However, productivity and disturbances are intrinsically linked ...