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    • New Insights into the Epigenetic Activities of Natural Compounds 

      Vidakovic, Melita; Marinello, Jessica; Kakkonen, Maija L; Matulis, Daumantas; Linkuviene, Vaida; Michel, Benoît Y; Navakauskiene, Ruta; Christodoulou, Michael S; Passarella, Danielle; Klimasauskas, Saulius; Blanquart, Christophe; Cuendet, Muriel; Ovadi, Judit; Poulain, Stéphane; Fontaine-Vive, Fabien; Burger, Alain; Martinet, Nadine (2018)
      Background: With their varied pharmacophores, natural products are interesting tools to open the drug discovery pipeline. Several plant secondary metabolites are components of the human diet and have reported epigenetic ...