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    • Concise Review: Increasing the Validity of Cerebrovascular Disease Models and Experimental Methods for Translational Stem Cell Research 

      Boltze J; Nitzsche F; Jolkkonen J; Weise G; Posel C; Nitzsche B; Wagner DC (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017)
      Interspecies differences, anatomical and physiological aspects, as wells as simplified study designs contribute to an overestimation of treatment effects and limit the transferability of experimental results into clinical ...

    • Differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases using structural MRI data 

      Koikkalainen, J; Rhodius-Meester, H; Tolonen, A; Barkhof, F; Tijms, B; Lemstra, AW; Tong, T; Guerrero, R; Schuh, A; Ledig, C; Rueckert, D; Soininen, H; Remes, AM; Waldemar, G; Hasselbalch, S; Mecocci, P; van der Flier, W; Lötjönen, J (Elsevier, 2016)
      Different neurodegenerative diseases can cause memory disorders and other cognitive impairments. The early detection and the stratification of patients according to the underlying disease are essential for an efficient ...