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    • Natural polyphenols as sirtuin 6 modulators 

      Rahnasto-Rilla, M; Tyni, J; Huovinen, M; Jarho, E; Kulikowicz, T; Ravichandran, S; Bohr, VA; Ferrucci, L; Lahtela-Kakkonen, M; Moaddel R (Springer Nature, 2018)
      Flavonoids are polyphenolic secondary metabolites synthesized by plants and fungus with various pharmacological effects. Due to their plethora of biological activities, they have been studied extensively in drug development. ...
    • New Insights into the Epigenetic Activities of Natural Compounds 

      Vidakovic, Melita; Marinello, Jessica; Kakkonen, Maija L; Matulis, Daumantas; Linkuviene, Vaida; Michel, Benoît Y; Navakauskiene, Ruta; Christodoulou, Michael S; Passarella, Danielle; Klimasauskas, Saulius; Blanquart, Christophe; Cuendet, Muriel; Ovadi, Judit; Poulain, Stéphane; Fontaine-Vive, Fabien; Burger, Alain; Martinet, Nadine (2018)
      Background: With their varied pharmacophores, natural products are interesting tools to open the drug discovery pipeline. Several plant secondary metabolites are components of the human diet and have reported epigenetic ...