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    • RTD-based Material Tracking in a Fully-Continuous Dry Granulation Tableting Line 

      Martinetz, MC; Karttunen, AP; Sacher, S; Wahl, P; Ketolainen, J; Khinast, JG; Korhonen, O (Elsevier BVAlankomaat, 2018)
      Continuous manufacturing (CM) offers quality and cost-effectiveness benefits over currently dominating batch processing. One challenge that needs to be addressed when implementing CM is traceability of materials through ...
    • Validation of biomarkers of food intake - critical assessment of candidate biomarkers 

      Dragsted, LO; Gao, Q; Scalbert, A; Vergères, G; Kolehmainen, M; Manach, C; Brennan, L; Afman, LA; Wishart, DS; Andres Lacueva, C; Garcia-Aloy, M; Verhagen, H; Feskens, EJM; Praticò, G (Springer Nature, 2018)
      Biomarkers of food intake (BFIs) are a promising tool for limiting misclassification in nutrition research where more subjective dietary assessment instruments are used. They may also be used to assess compliance to dietary ...