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    • Consensus guidelines for the use and interpretation of angiogenesis assays 

      Nowak-Sliwinska, P; Alitalo, K; Allen, E; Anisimov, A; Aplin, AC; Auerbach, R; Augustin, HG; Bates, DO; van Beijnum, JR; Bender, RHF; Bergers, G; Bikfalvi, A; Bischoff, J; Böck, BC; Brooks, PC; Bussolino, F; Cakir, B; Carmeliet, P; Castranova, D; Cimpean, AM; et al [Incl Yläherttuala, Seppo; Nurro, Jussi] (Springer Nature, 2018)
      The formation of new blood vessels, or angiogenesis, is a complex process that plays important roles in growth and development, tissue and organ regeneration, as well as numerous pathological conditions. Angiogenesis ...
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