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    • Exploring spatio-temporal changes of city inbound tourism flow: The case of Shanghai, China 

      Mou, Naixia; Yuan, Rongzheng; Yang, Tengfei; Zhang, Hengcai; Tang, Jinwen (Jimmy); Makkonen, Teemu (Elsevier BV, 2020)
      Knowledge on spatio-temporal changes of inbound tourism flow is important for destination economy, cultural communication and city image. This paper proposes a novel research framework for the spatio-temporal distribution ...
    • Tourists' digital footprint: The spatial patterns of tourist flows in Qingdao, China 

      Mou, Naixia; Zheng, Yunhao; Makkonen, Teemu; Yang, Tengfei; Tang, Jinwen (Jimmy); Song, Yan (Elsevier BVBritannia, 2020)
      Spatial patterns of tourist flows represent the movement of tourists and show differences in tourism resources giving advice for promoting balanced and sustainable tourism development. This paper proposes a novel framework ...