• Data from: Molecular identification of cryptic bumblebee species from degraded samples using PCR-RFLP approach 

      Vesterlund, Salla-Riikka (University of Turku); Sorvari, Jouni (University of Eastern Finland); Vasemägi, Anti (Estonian University of Life Sciences) (2013)
      The worldwide decline and local extinctions of bumblebees has raised a need for fast and accurate tools for species identification. Morphological characters are often not sufficient and molecular methods have been increasingly ...

    • Data from: Causes and consequences of fine-scale population structure in a critically endangered freshwater seal 

      Valtonen, Mia (University of Eastern Finland); Palo, Jukka U. (University of Helsinki); Aspi, Jouni (University of Oulu); Ruokonen, Minna (University of Oulu); Kunnasranta, Mervi (University of Eastern Finland); Nyman, Tommi (University of Eastern Finland) (2014)

    • Data from: Evolution of niche preference in Sphagnum peat mosses 

      Johnson, Matthew G. (Duke University); Granath, Gustaf (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences); Tahvanainen, Teemu (University of Eastern Finland); Pouliot, Remy (Uppsala University); Stenøien, Hans K. (Norwegian University of Science and Technology); Rochefort, Line (Duke University); Rydin, Håkan (Uppsala University); Shaw, A. Jonathan (Duke University) (2014)
      Peat mosses (Sphagnum) are ecosystem engineers— species in boreal peatlands simultaneously create and inhabit narrow habitat preferences along two microhabitat gradients: an ionic gradient and a hydrological hummock-hollow ...

    • Data from: Gut microbiota signatures predict host and microbiota responses to dietary interventions in obese individuals 

      Korpela, Katri (University of Helsinki); Flint, Harry J. (University of Aberdeen); Johnstone, Alexandra M. (University of Aberdeen); Lappi, Jenni (University of Eastern Finland); Poutanen, Kaisa (University of Eastern Finland); Dewulf, Evelyne (Université Catholique de Louvain); Delzenne, Nathalie (Université Catholique de Louvain); de Vos, Willem M. (University of Helsinki); Salonen, Anne (University of Helsinki) (2015)
      Background: Interactions between the diet and intestinal microbiota play a role in health and disease, including obesity and related metabolic complications. There is great interest to use dietary means to manipulate the ...

    • Data from: Phylogeny of Salix subgenus Salix s.l. (Salicaceae): delimitation biogeography and reticulate evolution 

      Wu, Jie (Chinese Academy of Sciences); Nyman, Tommi (University of Eastern Finland); Wang, Dong-Chao (Chinese Academy of Sciences); Argus, George W. (Canadian Museum of Nature); Yang, Yong-Ping (Chinese Academy of Sciences); Chen, Jia-Hui (Chinese Academy of Sciences) (2015)
      Background The taxonomy and systematics of Salix subgenus Salix s.l. is difficult. The reliability and evolutionary implications of two important morphological characters (number of stamens, and morphology of bud scales) ...

    • Data from: Edge influence on vegetation at natural and anthropogenic edges of boreal forests in Canada and Fennoscandia 

      Harper, Karen A. (Dalhousie University); Macdonald, S. Ellen (University of Alberta); Mayerhofer, Michael S. (Mount Saint Vincent University); Biswas, Shekhar R. (Lakehead University); Esseen, Per-Anders (Umeå University); Hylander, Kristoffer (Stockholm University); Stewart, Katherine J. (Lakehead University); Mallik, Azim U. (Lakehead University); Drapeau, Pierre (University of Quebec at Montreal); (2015)
      1. Although anthropogenic edges are an important consequence of timber harvesting, edges due to natural disturbances or landscape heterogeneity are also common. Forest edges have been well-studied in temperate and tropical ...

    • Data from: Intra- and trans-generational effects of larval diet on susceptibility to an entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana, in the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella 

      Kangassalo, Katariina (University of Turku); Valtonen, Terhi M. (University of Turku); Roff, Derek (University of Turku); Pölkki, Mari (University of Turku); Dubovskiy, Ivan M. (University of Turku); Sorvari, Jouni (University of Eastern Finland); Rantala, Markus J. (University of Turku) (2015)
      In addition to nutritional conditions experienced by individuals themselves, those experienced by their parents can affect their immune function. Here, we studied the intra- and trans-generational effects of larval diet ...

    • Data from: Demographic histories and genetic diversities of Fennoscandian marine and landlocked ringed seal subspecies 

      Nyman, Tommi (University of Zurich); Valtonen, Mia (University of Eastern Finland); Aspi, Jouni (University of Oulu); Ruokonen, Minna (University of Oulu); Kunnasranta, Mervi (University of Eastern Finland); Palo, Jukka U. (University of Helsinki) (2015)
      Island populations are on average smaller, genetically less diverse, and at a higher risk to go extinct than mainland populations. Low genetic diversity may elevate extinction probability, but the genetic component of the ...

    • Data from: Determinants of parasitoid communities of willow-galling sawflies: habitat overrides physiology, host plant, and space 

      Nyman, Tommi (University of Zurich); Leppänen, Sanna A. (University of Eastern Finland); Várkonyi, Gergely (Finnish Environment Institute); Shaw, Mark R. (National Museums Scotland); Koivisto, Reijo (University of Eastern Finland); Barstad, Trond Elling (University of Eastern Finland); Vikberg, Veli (Liinalammintie 11 as. 6; Turenki FI-14200 Finland); Roininen, Heikki (University of Eastern Finland) (2015)
      Studies on the determinants of plant–herbivore and herbivore–parasitoid associations provide important insights into the origin and maintenance of global and local species richness. If parasitoids are specialists on herbivore ...

    • Data from: Outcome of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and subsequent self-reported life satisfaction 

      Kuivasaari-Pirinen, Paula (University of Eastern Finland); Koivumaa-Honkanen, Heli (University of Oulu); Hippeläinen, Maritta (University of Eastern Finland); Raatikainen, Kaisa (University of Eastern Finland); Heinonen, Seppo (University of Eastern Finland) (2015)
      Objective: To compare life satisfaction between women with successful or unsuccessful outcome after assisted reproductive treatment (ART) by taking into account the time since the last ART. Design: Cohort study. Setting: ...

    • Data from: Establishing a community-wide DNA barcode library as a new tool for arctic research 

      Wirta, H. (University of Helsinki); Várkonyi, G. (Finnish Environment Institute); Rasmussen, C. (Aarhus University); Kaartinen, R. (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences); Schmidt, N. M. (Aarhus University); Hebert, P. D. N. (University of Guelph); Barták, M. (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague); Blagoev, G. (University of Guelph); Disney, H. (University of Cambridge); (2015)
      DNA sequences offer powerful tools for describing the members and interactions of natural communities. In this study, we establish the to-date most comprehensive library of DNA barcodes for a terrestrial site, including ...

    • Data from: Assessment of dysmyelination with RAFFn MRI: application to murine MPS I 

      Satzer, David (University of Minnesota); DiBartolomeo, Christina (University of Minnesota); Ritchie, Michael M. (University of Minnesota); Storino, Christine (University of Minnesota); Liimatainen, Timo (University of Eastern Finland); Hakkarainen, Hanne (University of Eastern Finland); Idiyatullin, Djaudat (University of Minnesota); Mangia, Silvia (University of Minnesota); Michaeli, Shalom (University of Minnesota); (2015)
      Type I mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS I) is an autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disorder with neurological features. Humans and laboratory animals with MPS I exhibit various white matter abnormalities involving the corpus ...

    • Data from: Multiple plant traits shape the genetic basis of herbivore community assembly 

      Barbour, Matthew A. (University of British Columbia); Rodriguez-Cabal, Mariano A. (University of British Columbia); Wu, Elizabeth T. (Humboldt State University); Julkunen-Tiitto, Riitta (University of Eastern Finland); Ritland, Carol E. (University of British Columbia); Miscampbell, Allyson E. (University of British Columbia); Jules, Erik S. (Humboldt State University); Crutsinger, Gregory M. (University of British Columbia) (2015)
      1. Community genetics research has posited a genetic basis to the assembly of ecological communities. For arthropod herbivores in particular, there is strong support that genetic variation in host plants is a key factor ...

    • Lasten ja nuorten hyvinvointisuunnittelu kunnissa: viranhaltijoiden ryhmähaastattelut 2008 - 2009 

      Määttä, Mirja, Itä-Suomen yliopisto. Yhteiskuntatieteiden laitos; Härkönen, Hanna; Suoranta, Kaisa (2016)
      Aineisto pitää sisällään viisi kunnallisten viranhaltijoiden ryhmähaastattelua. Haastatteluissa käsitellään lasten ja nuorten hyvinvointiin liittyvää kunnallista suunnittelua, johon kuntia on suostuteltu, opastettu ja ...

    • Ilmastonmuutos ja ympäristö elämässäni -kirjoituskilpailu 2010-2011 

      Vehviläinen, Marja, Tampereen yliopisto. Yhteiskunta- ja kulttuuritieteiden yksikkö; Toivo, Miia, Tampereen yliopisto. Yhteiskunta- ja kulttuuritieteiden yksikkö; Häikiö, Liisa, Tampereen yliopisto. Yhteiskunta- ja kulttuuritieteiden yksikkö; Marjeta, Anna-Laura, Tampereen yliopisto. Yhteiskunta- ja kulttuuritieteiden yksikkö; Åkerman, Maria, Tampereen yliopisto. Yhteiskunta- ja kulttuuritieteiden yksikkö; Uotinen, Johanna, Itä-Suomen yliopisto. Humanistinen osasto; Peltola, Taru, Suomen ympäristökeskus (SYKE); Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura (SKS). Kansanrunousarkisto (2016)
      Aineisto sisältää Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seuran (SKS) järjestämään valtakunnalliseen kirjoituskilpailuun osallistuneita tekstejä. Kirjoituskilpailun aiheena oli 'Ilmastonmuutos ja ympäristö elämässäni'. Osallistujia ...

    • Asumisen turvallisuus Kuopiossa 2004 - 2005 

      Susineva, Juhani, Itä-Suomen yliopisto. Yhteiskuntatieteiden ja kauppatieteiden tiedekunta (2016)
      Tutkimuksessa selvitetään asumisen turvallisuutta kuopiolaisissa rivi- ja kerrostalotalouksissa 2000-luvun alkupuolella. Tutkimuskysymyksiä oli kolme: Miten asumisen turvallisuus tai turvattomuus jäsentyy erityyppisen ...

    • Data from: Combined effects of retention forestry and prescribed burning on polypore fungi 

      Suominen, Mai (University of Eastern Finland); Junninen, Kaisa (University of Eastern Finland); Heikkala, Osmo (University of Eastern Finland); Kouki, Jari (University of Eastern Finland) (2016)
      1. Retention forestry and prescribed burning aim to alleviate the negative effects of forestry on biodiversity by maintaining the structural elements of natural forests in managed forests. We present the long-term effects ...

    • Data from: Parasite infection in a central sensory organ of fish does not affect host personality 

      Klemme, Ines (University of Jyväskylä); Kortet, Raine (University of Eastern Finland); Karvonen, Anssi (University of Jyväskylä) (2016)
      Among the ecological factors acting on the evolution and expression of animal personalities and behavioral syndromes, parasitism has received comparatively little attention. However, infection and host behavior are often ...

    • Data from: Rewetting of drained boreal spruce swamp forests results in rapid recovery of Sphagnum production 

      Maanavilja, Liisa (University of Helsinki); Kangas, Laura (University of Helsinki); Mehtätalo, Lauri (University of Eastern Finland); Tuittila, Eeva-Stiina (University of Helsinki) (2016)
      1. Peatland rewetting aims to restore biomass accumulation from peat-forming plants for climate change mitigation, biotope conservation and water purification purposes. Boreal spruce swamp forests in Europe have suffered ...

    • im2latex-100k , arXiv:1609.04938 

      Kanervisto, Anssi,University of Eastern Finland (2016)
      A prebuilt dataset for OpenAI's task for image-2-latex system. Includes total of ~100k formulas and images splitted into train, validation and test sets. Formulas were parsed from LaTeX sources provided here: http://www. ...