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dc.contributor.authorHauptmann, Andreas,University of Helsinki
dc.contributor.authorKolehmainen, Ville,University of Eastern Finland
dc.contributor.authorMach, Nguyet Minh,University of Helsinki
dc.contributor.authorSavolainen, Tuomo,University of Eastern Finland
dc.contributor.authorSeppänen, Aku,University of Eastern Finland
dc.contributor.authorSiltanen, Samuli,University of Helsinki
dc.description.abstractThis is an open access electrical impedance tomography (EIT) dataset. The EIT measurements were collected from a circular body (a flat tank filled with saline) with various choices of conductive and resistive inclusions. The dataset consists of current patterns and voltage measurements of a circular tank containing different targets (archive file containing 38 MATLAB Data files), photos of the tank and targets (archive file containing 38 JPEG files), and MATLAB code for reading the data (MATLAB code file LoadData.m). Documentation of the dataset is available at See also The data was collected at the University of Eastern Finland.
dc.subjectelectrical impedance tomography
dc.subjectinverse problem
dc.title2D electrical impedance tomography dataset

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