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dc.contributor.authorNiemi, Milla,University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Sciences, Helsinki, Finland
dc.contributor.authorMatala, Juho,The Natural Resources Institute Finland, Joensuu, Finland
dc.contributor.authorMelin, Markus,University of Eastern Finland, School of Forest Sciences, Joensuu, Finland
dc.contributor.authorEronen, Visa,Finnish Wildlife Agency, Helsinki, Finland
dc.contributor.authorJärvenpää, Hannu,Hyvinkää Game Management Association, Hyvinkää, Finland
dc.description.abstractAnnual trends in population size and collisions: Explanation note: Annual trends in population size, harvest, and collisions.
dc.subjectDeer–vehicle collision
dc.subjectmoose–vehicle collision
dc.subjectpopulation size
dc.subjectcollision rate
dc.subjecttraffic mortality rate
dc.subjectgame management
dc.titleSupplementary material 1 from: Niemi M, Matala J, Melin M, Eronen V, Järvenpää H (2015) Traffic mortality of four ungulate species in southern Finland. In: Seiler A, Helldin J-O (Eds) Proceedings of IENE 2014 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, Malmö, Sweden. Nature Conservation 11: 13–28.

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