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dc.contributor.authorPape, Thomas,Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark
dc.contributor.authorBeuk, Paul,Natural History Museum Maastricht /, Maastricht, Netherlands
dc.contributor.authorPont, Adrian,Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford, United Kingdom
dc.contributor.authorShatalkin, Anatole,Zoological Museum, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
dc.contributor.authorOzerov, Andrey,Zoological Museum, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
dc.contributor.authorWoźnica, Andrzej,Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wrocław, Poland
dc.contributor.authorMerz, Bernhard,Muséum d'histoire naturelle Genève, Paris, Switzerland
dc.contributor.authorBystrowski, Cezary,Forest Research Institute, Department of Forest Protection, Warszawa, Poland
dc.contributor.authorRaper, Chris,Recording Scheme, London, United Kingdom
dc.contributor.authorBergström, Christer,Unaffiliated, Uppsala, Sweden
dc.contributor.authorKehlmaier, Christian,Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden, Museum of Zoology, Dresden, Germany
dc.contributor.authorClements, David,Unaffiliated, Cardiff, United Kingdom
dc.contributor.authorGreathead, David,CABI, Sussex, United Kingdom
dc.contributor.authorKameneva, Elena,I.I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, Kiev, Ukraine
dc.contributor.authorNartshuk, Emilia,Zoological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia
dc.contributor.authorPetersen, Frederik,Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
dc.contributor.authorWeber, Gisela,Unaffiliated, Braunschweig, Germany
dc.contributor.authorBächli, Gerhard,Zoological Museum, Zürich, Switzerland
dc.contributor.authorGeller-Grimm, Fritz,Museum Wiesbaden, Natural History Collections, Wiesbaden, Germany
dc.contributor.authorVan de Weyer, Guy,Unaffiliated, Reet (Rumst), Belgium
dc.contributor.authorTschorsnig, Hans-Peter,Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, Stuttgart, Germany
dc.contributor.authorde Jong, Herman,NBC Naturalis, Leiden, Netherlands
dc.contributor.authorvan Zuijlen, Jan-Willem,Unaffiliated, Waalwijk, Netherlands
dc.contributor.authorVaňhara, Jaromír,Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
dc.contributor.authorRoháček, Jindřich,Silesian Museum, Opava, Czech Republic
dc.contributor.authorZiegler, Joachim,Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany
dc.contributor.authorMajer, József,University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary
dc.contributor.authorHůrka, Karel,Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
dc.contributor.authorHolston, Kevin,Natural History Museum of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
dc.contributor.authorRognes, Knut,University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway
dc.contributor.authorGreve-Jensen, Lita,Zoological Museum, Oslo, Norway
dc.contributor.authorMunari, Lorenzo,c/o Natural History Museum, Venice, Italy
dc.contributor.authorde Meyer, Marc,Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium
dc.contributor.authorPollet, Marc,Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Brussels, Belgium
dc.contributor.authorSpeight, Martin,Dept. of Zoology, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland
dc.contributor.authorEbejer, Martin,Unaffiliated, Cowbridge, United Kingdom
dc.contributor.authorMartinez, Michel,INRA, UMR Centre de Biologie pour la Gestion des Populations, Montferrier-sur-Lez, France
dc.contributor.authorCarles-Tolrá, Miguel,Unaffiliated, Barcelona, Spain
dc.contributor.authorFöldvári, Mihály,MTA-DE 'Lendület' Behavioural Ecology Research Group, Department of Evolutionary Zoology, University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary
dc.contributor.authorChvála, Milan,Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
dc.contributor.authorBarták, Miroslav,Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
dc.contributor.authorEvenhuis, Neal,Bishop Museum, Honolulu, United States of America
dc.contributor.authorChandler, Peter,Unaffiliated, Melksham, United Kingdom
dc.contributor.authorCerretti, Pierfilippo,University of Rome, Roma, Italy
dc.contributor.authorMeier, Rudolf,National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
dc.contributor.authorRozkosny, Rudolf,Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
dc.contributor.authorPrescher, Sabine,Unaffiliated, Braunschweig, Germany
dc.contributor.authorGaimari, Stephen,California Department of Food and Agriculture, Sacramento, California, United States of America
dc.contributor.authorZatwarnicki, Tadeusz,Department of Biosystematics, Opole University, Opole, Poland
dc.contributor.authorZeegers, Theo,Unaffiliated, Soest, Netherlands
dc.contributor.authorDikow, Torsten,National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, United States of America
dc.contributor.authorKorneyev, Valery,I.I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, Kiev, Ukraine
dc.contributor.authorRichter, Vera,Zoological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia
dc.contributor.authorMichelsen, Verner,Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark
dc.contributor.authorTanasijtshuk, Vitali,Zoological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia
dc.contributor.authorMathis, Wayne,National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, United States of America
dc.contributor.authorHubenov, Zdravko,National Museum of Natural History, Sofia, Bulgaria
dc.contributor.authorde Jong, Yde,University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland
dc.description.abstractFauna Europaea Guidelines for Group Coordinators and Taxonomic Specialists
dc.subjectBiodiversity Informatics
dc.subjectFauna Europaea
dc.subjectTaxonomic indexing
dc.titleSupplementary material 1 from: Pape T, Beuk P, Pont A, Shatalkin A, Ozerov A, Woźnica A, Merz B, Bystrowski C, Raper C, Bergström C, Kehlmaier C, Clements D, Greathead D, Kameneva E, Nartshuk E, Petersen F, Weber G, Bächli G, Geller-Grimm F, Van de Weyer G, Tschorsnig H, de Jong H, van Zuijlen J, Vaňhara J, Roháček J, Ziegler J, Majer J, Hůrka K, Holston K, Rognes K, Greve-Jensen L, Munari L, de Meyer M, Pollet M, Speight M, Ebejer M, Martinez M, Carles-Tolrá M, Földvári M, Chvála M, Barták M, Evenhuis N, Chandler P, Cerretti P, Meier R, Rozkosny R, Prescher S, Gaimari S, Zatwarnicki T, Zeegers T, Dikow T, Korneyev V, Richter V, Michelsen V, Tanasijtshuk V, Mathis W, Hubenov Z, de Jong Y (2015) Fauna Europaea: Diptera – Brachycera. Biodiversity Data Journal 3: e4187.

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