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dc.contributor.authorPepe, Antonietta,University of Bordeaux
dc.contributor.authorDinov, Ivo,University of Michigan
dc.contributor.authorTohka, Jussi,University of Eastern Finland
dc.description.abstractWe have designed, implemented and distributed a fully automatic neuroimaging infrastructure for the synthesis and analysis of structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. The framework provides a concrete environment for the quantitative validation of various methods for the analysis of brain asymmetries, for comparisons of methods and measures of brain shape asymmetry, and possibly for clarifying contradicting neuroimaging findings of brain lateralizations. See and A. Pepe, I. Dinov, and J. Tohka . An Automatic Framework for Quantitative Validation of Voxel Based Morphometry Measures of Anatomical Brain Asymmetry.NeuroImage , 100: 444 - 459, 2014 for more information.
dc.subjectMagnetic resonance imaging
dc.subjectVoxel based morphometry
dc.subjectBrain asymmetry
dc.titleAn Automatic Neuroimaging Infrastructure For Synthesis and Analysis of Structural MRI Data

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