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dc.contributor.authorJuho Aalto
dc.contributor.authorPasi Aalto
dc.contributor.authorTuula Aalto
dc.contributor.authorPavel Alekseychik
dc.contributor.authorMika Aurela
dc.contributor.authorSigrid Dengel
dc.contributor.authorKukka-Maaria Erkkilä
dc.contributor.authorSami Haapanala
dc.contributor.authorPertti Hari
dc.contributor.authorJuha Hatakka
dc.contributor.authorTapani Hopkins
dc.contributor.authorLeena Järvi
dc.contributor.authorMaija Kajos
dc.contributor.authorPetri Keronen
dc.contributor.authorTom Kokkonen
dc.contributor.authorPasi Kolari
dc.contributor.authorFrans Korhonen
dc.contributor.authorMarkku Kulmala
dc.contributor.authorMona Kurppa
dc.contributor.authorHeikki Laakso
dc.contributor.authorSamuli Launiainen
dc.contributor.authorMatti Leskinen
dc.contributor.authorJanne Levula
dc.contributor.authorXuefei Li
dc.contributor.authorIvan Mammarella
dc.contributor.authorTeemu Matilainen
dc.contributor.authorAnnika Nordbo
dc.contributor.authorAnne Ojala
dc.contributor.authorJohanna Patokoski
dc.contributor.authorOlli Peltola
dc.contributor.authorMari Pihlatie
dc.contributor.authorToivo Pohja
dc.contributor.authorÜllar Rannik
dc.contributor.authorPekka Rantala
dc.contributor.authorJanne Rinne
dc.contributor.authorTaina Ruuskanen
dc.contributor.authorGanapati Sahoo
dc.contributor.authorTuro Salminen
dc.contributor.authorErkki Siivola
dc.contributor.authorRisto Taipale
dc.contributor.authorEeva-Stiina Tuittila
dc.contributor.authorAnni Vanhatalo
dc.contributor.authorTimo Vesala
dc.description.abstractThis data publication was done for preservation of SMEAR data. It links together 12 published datasets that contain continuous long-term environmental measurements under different themes or fields of science (meteorology, soil, air chemistry, fluxes, tree ecophysiology, water quality). See the list of related datasets in the metadata and in the .pdf file of this dataset. The data were exported from SMEAR database in early June 2019 and cover time period from the beginning of the station operation or measurements until the end of 2017 or 2018 (if the station or measurements were still in operation at that time). The oldest data originate in year 1992. The data are so called end-user data, that is, they have undergone processing from raw signals into relevant physical units, quality check by expert scientists and technicians, and aggregation into regular time intervals, mostly 1-minute or 30-minute averages. Information on the stations, measurements and data can be found in each dataset in the 'intro' and 'readme' files in .pdf format. The data are in tabular form in yearly .csv files. The columns of the data files are described in more detail in 'VariableMetadata' files in .csv format.
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)en
dc.rightsCreative Commons Nimeä-JaaSamoin 4.0 Kansainvälinen (CC BY-SA 4.0)fi_FI
dc.titleSMEAR data preservation 2019

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