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    • High-throughput automated scoring of Ki67 in breast cancer tissue microarrays from the Breast Cancer Association Consortium 

      Abubakar, M; Howat, WJ; Daley, F; Zabaglo, L; McDuffus, LA; Blows, F; Coulson, P; Raza, Ali H; Benitez, J; Milne, R; Brenner, H; Stegmaier, C; Mannermaa, A; Chang-Claude, J; Rudolph, A; Sinn, P; Couch, FJ; Tollenaar, RA; Devilee, P; Figueroa, J et al (The Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland and John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2016)
      Automated methods are needed to facilitate high-throughput and reproducible scoring of Ki67 and other markers in breast cancer tissue microarrays (TMAs) in large-scale studies. To address this need, we developed an automated ...