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    • Accessibility in the provinces of Finland 

      Tykkyläinen, Markku (Geographical society of Finland, 1981)
      Relative, mean and integral accessibility in the existing provinces of Finland and in the proposed new provinces was studied applying graph theory, through evaluating the shapes of the provinces by reference to polygonal ...

    • Assessment and optimization of economic restructuring in a small peripheral region 

      Tykkyläinen, Markku (Geographical society of Finland, 1990)
      An evaluation model is presented which is suitable for planning methods related to the construction of regional economic scenarios. The model is constructed for assessment and optimization the regional economic structure ...

    • Degrowth in city planning 

      Lehtinen, Ari Aukusti (Fennia - International Journal of Geography, 2018)
      This paper summarises the key arguments of degrowth thinking and examines their validity in a city planning setting. The paper argues that much of the reorientation work that is necessary to meet the goals of international ...
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    • Lakes, presidents and shopping on mental maps: children's perceptions of the Finnish-Russian border and the borderland 

      Kaisto, Virpi; Brednikova, Olga (Fennia - International Journal of Geography, 2019)
      The Finnish–Russian borderland has transformed in the last three decades from two isolated national territories into a transition zone, where the ‘other’ culture and society is ever more present. This paper analyses what ...
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    • Periphery syndrome - a reinterpretation of regional development theory in a resource periphery 

      Tykkyläinen, Markku (Geographical society of Finland, 1988)
      A study is made of industrialization and the transition in economic structure as it has affected a remote peripheral region of Finland with a predominantly resource‑based economy over the last twenty years or so. The ...

    • Potentials for innovative restructuring in industry in Northwestern Russia 

      Tykkyläinen, Markku; Jussila, Heikki (Geographical society of Finland, 1998)
      This paper examines the innovative restructuring of industry in Northwestern Russia, an area that includes St. Petersburg and its hinterlands and extends to the Barents Sea and the Ural Mountains. Profound restructuring ...