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  • Data from: Phylogeny of Salix subgenus Salix s.l. (Salicaceae): delimitation biogeography and reticulate evolution 

    Wu, Jie,Chinese Academy of Sciences; Nyman, Tommi,University of Eastern Finland; Wang, Dong-Chao,Chinese Academy of Sciences; Argus, George W.,Canadian Museum of Nature; Yang, Yong-Ping,Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chen, Jia-Hui,Chinese Academy of Sciences (2021)
    Background The taxonomy and systematics of Salix subgenus Salix s.l. is difficult. The reliability and evolutionary implications of two important morphological characters (number of stamens, and morphology of bud scales) ...

  • Data from: Evolution of niche preference in Sphagnum peat mosses 

    Johnson, Matthew G.,Duke University; Granath, Gustaf,Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Tahvanainen, Teemu,University of Eastern Finland; Pouliot, Remy,Uppsala University; Stenøien, Hans K.,Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Rochefort, Line,Duke University; Rydin, Håkan,Uppsala University; Shaw, A. Jonathan,Duke University (2021)
    Peat mosses (Sphagnum) are ecosystem engineers— species in boreal peatlands simultaneously create and inhabit narrow habitat preferences along two microhabitat gradients: an ionic gradient and a hydrological hummock-hollow ...

  • Data from: Determinants of parasitoid communities of willow-galling sawflies: habitat overrides physiology, host plant, and space 

    Nyman, Tommi,University of Zurich; Leppänen, Sanna A.,University of Eastern Finland; Várkonyi, Gergely,Finnish Environment Institute; Shaw, Mark R.,National Museums Scotland; Koivisto, Reijo,University of Eastern Finland; Barstad, Trond Elling,University of Eastern Finland; Vikberg, Veli,Liinalammintie 11 as. 6; Turenki FI-14200 Finland*; Roininen, Heikki,University of Eastern Finland (2021)
    Studies on the determinants of plant–herbivore and herbivore–parasitoid associations provide important insights into the origin and maintenance of global and local species richness. If parasitoids are specialists on herbivore ...

  • Data from: Night reveals individuality in a shoaling fish 

    Härkönen, Laura,University of Oulu; Alioravainen, Nico,University of Eastern Finland; Vainikka, Anssi,University of Eastern Finland; Hyvärinen, Pekka,Natural Resources Institute Finland (2021)
    Many animals rely heavily on visual cues from their environment, and therefore show circadian rhythmicity in their behavioral activities. In group-living animals, individuals' activity rhythms must be synchronized not only ...

  • Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment Implementation in the Lower Mekong River Basin on the basis of the 1995 Mekong Agreement 

    Tran, Giang (Itä-Suomen yliopisto; University of Eastern Finland, 2021)

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