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dc.contributor.authorFinnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Atmospheric Research Centre of Eastern Finland
dc.contributor.authorUniversity of Eastern Finland (UEF), Department of Applied Physics, Aerosol Physics group
dc.contributor.authorJorma Joutsensaari, University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Department of Applied Physics
dc.contributor.authorMika Komppula, Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Atmospheric Research Centre of Eastern Finland
dc.description.abstractWeather variables measured at Puijo SMEAR IV station in Kuopio, Finland. Data for years 2005-2015. See detailed description: Files of data are: * PUI_weather_2005_data.csv * PUI_weather_2006_data.csv * PUI_weather_2007_data.csv * PUI_weather_2008_data.csv * PUI_weather_2009_data.csv * PUI_weather_2010_data.csv * PUI_weather_2011_data.csv * PUI_weather_2012_data.csv * PUI_weather_2013_data.csv * PUI_weather_2014_data.csv * PUI_weather_2015_data.csv * PUI_weather_2016_data.csv Files have the following columns (column_name: description; [unit]): * Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second: Sample time (UTC +2), [] * quality: Quality parameter; [] * TT_old: OBSOLETE, USE COLUMN T (Temperature out [C]); [C] * TTin: Temperature inside the station [C]; [C] * RH_old: OBSOLETE, USE COLUMN RH (RH out [%]); [%] * RHin: Relative humidity inside the station [%]; [%] * TTthies: Temperature of anemometer [C]; [C] * WSave: 1-min average wind speed [m/s]; [m/s] * WSmin: 1-min minimum wind speed [m/s]; [m/s] * WSmax: 1-min maximum wind speed [m/s]; [m/s] * WSdev: 1-min deviation in wind speed [m/s]; [m/s] * WSgustmax: 1-min maximum wind speed in gusts [m/s]; [m/s] * WSgustmin: 1-min minimum wind speed in gusts [m/s]; [m/s] * WDave: 1-min average wind direction [degrees]; [degrees] * WDdev: 1-min deviation in wind direction [degrees]; [degrees] * VisibilityAlarm: Visibility Alarm [code]; [code] * Visibility1minAve: 1-min average visibility [m]; [m] * Visibility10minAve: 10-min average visibility [m]; [m] * InstantPresentWeather: Instant Present Weather [code]; [code] * PresentWeather15min: 15minPresentWeather [code]; [code] * PresentWeather1hour: 1hourPresentWeather [code]; [code] * PrecipitationIntensity: Precipitation intensity [mm/h]; [mm/h] * CumulativeWaterSum: Cumulative Water Sum [mm]; [mm] * CumulativeSnowSum: Cumulative Snow Sum [mm]; [mm] * Pressure: Pressure [hPa]; [hPa] * TT2: TT[C] (NOT TO BE USED); [C] * ErrorCode: Error [code] (NOT TO BE USED); [code] * M1: M1 [g] (AN ICING PARAMETER); [g] * M2: M2 [g] (AN ICING PARAMETER); [g] * M3: M3 [C] (AN ICING PARAMETER); [C] * RH: Relative humidity out [%]; [%] * T: Temperature out [C]; [C] * Tdf: Dew point or frost point temperature, Tdf [C] ; [C] * Td: Dew point temperature, Td [C] ; [C] * a: Absolute humidity, a [g/m3]; [g/m3] The size of data: ca. 220 MB. Note: Data also available and described via AVAA SmartSMEAR: *
dc.rightsCC-BY-4.0, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
dc.subjectAtmospheric sciences
dc.titlePuijo SMEAR IV Kuopio - Weather, 2005-2016 (IDA)

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